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H Street, NE remains closed between 7th and 10th after Stabbing Just Before 4pm

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2015 at 6:54 pm 19 Comments


Update from MPD:

“On today’s date at around 3:49PM, First District personnel responded to the 800 block of 8th Street, NE, in reference to a report of a stabbing.

Upon arrival on the scene, officers discovered a male victim suffering from multiple stab wounds.

The victim was transported to a local hospital by DCFD where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The suspect in this case, an Hispanic male approximately 40 years of age, fled on foot eastbound in the 800 block of 8th Street, Northeast.

This case is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Violent Crimes Branch.”

Also as of 6:54pm:

“*800 blk. of H St NE is still BLOCKED [Intersection] from 7th St to 10th St NE.”

“Stabbing at 1551 hours in the 800 blck of H Street NE LOF:H/M, goatee, pink/red shirt, blk shorts, tan hat,short”


  • el


    • Brooklyn Brawler


      I do too. That strip between 7th & 8th. I hate wailing by with so many loiters, drug sales, porn sales, .50 per Newport sales, etc. Those people are out there rain, sleet and snow. Damn crying shame.

    • Anonymous

      I know this isn’t a permanent solution, but they really need to station police there 24/7. I know that plainclothes cops lurk occasionally, but the occasional visible police presence by the 7/11 has helped a good bit. With the frequent arrests, the couple of recent violent crimes, and the constant dealing and intimidation of people who walk by, I would say there is no reason not to have them using that as a bit of a home base for the area.

    • Anon

      The streetcar will totally help.

      • Anonymous


    • Anon1

      I live right off this block and it always makes me nervous to be walking in that area. Hoping the street car will help!

  • Linda Mercer

    Rip to my newphew

  • anon

    Isn’t this the local culture that we all wanted???? DC is DC and will always be that. I moved into NE knowing that and I still love it. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be shocked if things happen… it is the city.

    • Anonymous

      I love where I live (H Street). I look past the loosie business, the drinking, the begging, etc. What I can’t look past is someone getting stabbed to death at a main bus stop at 4pm, or people casually pulling guns out and shooting at each other in a high traffic area at 7pm on a Saturday (the 7/11 shooting). I’m pretty sure that even the original residents are going to agree that they don’t want to have to worry about getting stabbed before it’s even happy hour time.

      • Neighbor

        Ugh, yeaa – happy hour is sacred. Don’t these fellers know that? Would a public campaign be in order? I’m thinking “Don’t worry, be happy! At a local bar from 4-7! Stab later?”

        • Barijho

          “Don’t worry, be happy! At a local bar from 4-7! Stab later?”


    • Eponymous

      Bull. I’m sure people used to say the same thing about parts of Manhattan. There’s no relationship between urbanization and per-capita murder rates, and if anything close-in areas of large cities tend to be safer than average in most first-world countries. The fact that this wasn’t the case in D.C. from the 60’s-90’s has everything to do with policy decisions and nothing to do with population density.

    • Caroline

      Really? Your response to the woman who just lost her nephew is to not be shocked? Violence should never be tolerated, let alone dismissed as “local culture”.

    • All Y’all

      Anon is correct. That block is that block, and it isn’t going to change much. Loitering is “a southern thing”, after all. No amount of gentrification is going to inspire those gentlemen to spend their lives other than on the corner or sidewalk. What else would they be doing, anyway? Reading the Great Books?

  • districtwanderer

    Yikes! I avoid H Street during the daytime. Way seedier than in the evenings.

    • lnco

      Same here! Way scarier in the daytime.

  • Ayeo

    I was riding the 90/92 bus home when we passed this section blocked off. The people on the bus started blaming the white people for building condos and forcing the “African American’s out of their homes”. I’ve never been so nervous on the bus before.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, white people are forcing folks to sell their homes (many in disrepair) and cash out with $300k in hand against their will.

  • Anon

    Has there been information released about the victim? Was this a random encounter?


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