UPDATE – Owner Found! Dog Found at 12th and T St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2015 at 9:45 am 14 Comments



“The owner of the little stray was found! Her name is Cupcake. Thank you for all your help!”

“This little dog was found this morning at 12th and T NW. She has a microchip but it has not been updated since she was adopted in Ohio about 5 years ago.

We have contacted other hospitals in the area and no one has her microchip on file. Can you please post her photo so we can try to reunite her with her owner?

Thank you!

– CityPaws
1823 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 232-7297”

  • DCDuchess

    What a cute little Jack Russell. Hope her family finds her soon! They should update her microchip

  • neighborhoodmalcontent

    please share on the facebook lost & found dogs DC metro area page. (i would, but they want the owner/finder to post, not others)

    • LostPup

      Thanks for the tip! I just posted info to that facebook page. Hopefully the owner may see it there!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Facebook comment thinks they know the owner and will contact

  • Emma

    This poor doggy! If her owner is not found, I would potentially be interested in adopting her. Email me for contact info.

    • Emma – there are hundreds of other dogs looking to be adopted right now! Petfinder lists 403 small dogs, 216 Jack Russells within 100 miles of DC. Or contact one of the rescue groups directly – Lucky Dogs, Homeward Trails, WHS, WARL,

  • shaw

    She’s adorable! I hope they can connect her to her mom / dad soon.

  • phl2dc

    She is so cute and looks so sad :(

  • chellefisshh

    I am an idiot and do not know how microchips work, though my dog has one (installed by the breeder). How/why do they need to be “updated”? Do I need to contact local animal hospitals to somehow loop them in about his chip? I was kinda assuming that if he’s found & his chip is scanned, it provides my phone number (which hasn’t changed) and then the folks would just call me. Am I wrong?

    • anonymouse_dianne

      The breeder should have given you a pamphlet with the Microchip distributor’s web page, as well as hard copy info for the chip number. If the breeder registered the microchip to you and the distributor has your phone number you are good to go. I haven’t changed Savannah Jane’s info because the phone number is still the same. It’s also a good idea for your vet to take the chip # as well. And also have the vet check that the chip is still in place, over the left shoulder, because they can “migrate”.

  • DCDuchess

    Yay – Cupcake’s family has been found.

    PS: Cupcake needs a pawdicure stat :P

  • LJ

    This dog is so adorable! I hope the owners are found soon…

  • vn081425

    Hooray Cupcake and family. The first thing I do when the Popville 5 pm digest is released is search of re-united pet stories. They’re a bright spot in my day every time.

    • textdoc

      What 5 p.m. digest?


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