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“D.C. Knows Squash” – Get Ready for ‘Squash on Fire’ coming to 23rd and M St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2015 at 10:05 pm 18 Comments

23rd and M St, NW

Not sure how to process this one but I played squash I’d be pretty psyched. Previously we learned:

“This fall EastBanc will break ground on Squash on Fire — a $12 million, state-of-the-art, 20,000-square-foot indoor squash facility as an integral piece of the $200 million West End Library and Fire Station mixed-use residential project. When completed, Squash on Fire will include eight courts and a full-service restaurant situated atop of the newly renovated fire station.”




  • tonyr

    Indoor squash courts – that’s their USP.

  • Linc Park SE

    Well – squash is HUGE at the Ritz Residences -The Sports Club LA (now Equinox) had a very competitive league with pros etc when I was there – so – I can see the inception. However, PERSONALLy – I hope they add in some Raquetball Courts too

  • The Jimmy

    Time to squash that shutterbug.

  • Andy

    I wouldn’t put sliced zucchini under the broiler for more than 3-4 minutes, tops.

  • sproc

    Cool, I guess. But it seems like it would have to be crazy pricy to justify a footprint like that for a single, so-so popular sport. What’s their hook? How do you add a SoulCycle vibe to squash??

    • ShawShank

      Equinox (previously LA Sports Club) has an insanely popular squash program just across the street. I am guessing that they were experiencing demand well above the 4 court infrastructure they had there and thought they could bring in high school teams, etc. to justify it. Also, keep in mind that squash (in the US) is somewhat of a country club sport. I would venture to guess that people will pay a premium to belong to the best one in the city, feeding off the close proximity to some of DCs priciest neighborhoods.

      • BlopDC

        USE TO HAVE ! NOT HAS! – I am not sure where your info is coming from , but the insanely popular squash program was before Squash on Fire came and took over the courts. It is now a deserted island of squash players. The only ones staying are a small tiny core of players that keeps the club program alive.

        Not sure how they are going to put it off since they succeeded to alienate the squash group there and surely will be charging high price for the location. It’s all flashy and no substance.

        • jim_ed

          Man, sounds like ya’ll need to…
          *puts on sunglasses*
          …Squash the drama.

          • AJSE


    • From the previous article:
      “Squash is growing in popularity and has seen an average 38 percent increase annually over the past five years for all age brackets especially in girl’s junior squash. However, existing supply of courts cannot fulfill the ever-increasing demand. Washington, DC is the fastest growing metropolitan city coast to coast in squash interest and participation.”
      It also sounds like they’re going to have a pretty extensive training program for amateurs.

  • Thomas

    Yet it’s still impossible to find anywhere to play racquetball in this city unless you are a Georgetown or GW student. Ugh.

    • The OP Anon

      Rhode Island Ave YMCA? They have squash and racketball courts, IIRC.

      • Timmy

        I believe the JCC at 16th and Q has 2 racquetball courts.

        • prgkmr

          Can non-jews use the facility?

          • Timmy

            Yes. I’m a non-Jew member. I don’t play squash or racquetball, but I believe you can play there even if you aren’t a member for 20 bucks.

      • Rhode Island Squash

        Not great squash courts at YMCA. They are larger than the standard squash court sizes and the walls are concrete with peeling paint. But having said that it is probably the cheapest squash option in DC, with access to many other facilities in the building.

  • V

    Need table tennis! And not Comet or Buffalo Billiards.


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