1831 Bar & Lounge coming to the Short Lived Second State Space on M Street

by Prince Of Petworth August 14, 2015 at 10:45 am 13 Comments

1831 M Street, NW

Stay tuned for 1831 Bar & Lounge opening at the end of the month/early next month. It’s coming from the owners of Daniel’s Hair Salon upstairs.  More details when they announce an exact opening date. Second State abruptly closed in June after opening in Oct. 2014.


  • 7thStTechGuy

    No person over the age of 27 has any business being in that part of town past Happy Hour time.

    • Atlas

      aside from those of us who have actual business in that part of town, aka staying late in the office :)

    • sproc

      Camelot would beg to differ.

  • nick

    So this is the 4th bar in this location in the past 5 years, right? Madhatter, Mighty Pint, Second State and now 1831?

    • siz

      isn’t mad hatter up the street on connecticut?

      • nick

        Madhatter moved locations a few years ago. It used to be located here I think

    • d

      Madhatter used to be located there.
      What’s up with the two extra stars on the awning?

  • lobsterharmonica

    Just bring back Mighty Pint! Tons of Steelers fans are homeless since it and Pour House closed in the same year. It’s not like we particularly have standards – just give us cheap beer, TVs, and an underground hovel to congregate so we don’t annoy the rest of the city.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      Perfect description of a bunch of Yinz all in one spot. “Where’s the IC light??!?!??!”

    • rachel


  • LoganRes

    what was the reasoning for Second State closing?

    • AsAMother

      Probably not as large of a market for hand carved artisanal ice cubes as they thought there’d be.

      I never went, but that sort of thing is more at home in Logan or Shaw. South Dupont is the stomping grounds of bros and woo girls.

  • Mike M.

    This stretch of M St is so weird. Dive bars, lunch spots, strip clubs, and vape shops. Okey dokey.

    Also, I have a propensity for hating bars/restaurants that use their address as their name. So unoriginal. That said, I work right down the street, so I’m hoping this place actually turns out to be good.


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