From the Forum – Tips for new DC dog owner?

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Tips for new DC dog owner?

“I’m hopefully getting a dog in July and was hoping for some tips about raising a dog in DC. I just read someone else’s post about how pet owners really need to lookout for chicken bones on the street– something I would have never really thought about. Any tips like that or suggestions on dog walkers/good dog parks would be much appreciated. I live in Bloomingdale, so suggestions about Bloomingdale, Shaw, & Petworth are especially appreciated.”

One reader responded:

Congrats! Here are some tips…

– Dog parks are great for off-leash exercise, but avoid them at peak hours (after work) until you know your dog well. Interacting with a bunch of stranger dogs can be scary. Always keep a close eye on your dog while you’re at the park because you don’t know the other dogs. There is a nice dog park in Langdon Park, which isn’t too far from Bloomingdale and it’s usually not crowded at all. The 11th street dog park is closest to Shaw, it’s fine but can get busy.

– There are always delicious treats on the street, so keep an eye on your dog when he/she is sniffing around to make sure they don’t find one.

– Grooming by Em on Rhode Island Ave is the best grooming I’ve gotten in the area and by far the best price.

– Dogs ARE allowed on the metro if they are in closed carriers. Ditto to cabs, they aren’t allowed to deny you if the dog is in a carrier (doesn’t mean they won’t, but they shouldn’t).

– If you Uber, text the driver and let them know you have a dog once they accept the trip. Most don’t mind but they’ll appreciate the heads up.

– The arboretum is my favorite place to walk with the dogs. It’s beautiful and huge. Dogs have to be on-leash but if your dog is friendly, you’ll meet lots of other friendly dogs to say hi to.”

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