Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

This morning, I witnessed a middle-aged male (white, medium build, dressed business casual) use a cell phone to take multiple pictures of the back of a young female, also dressed business casual and appearing to be in her 20s, who was walking a few strides ahead of him on K Street (downtown). The young woman was walking briskly, and he was making an effort to keep up. He was not very discrete with his photo-taking, though he did pocket the device when another pedestrian began walking very close to him. He eventually ditched into an office building on Vermont. It did not appear that he and the woman knew each other.

It’s possible that his intentions were harmless (though I doubt it), but such behavior and seeming lack of respect for the young woman is alarming. Keep an eye out, D.C., for this (likely) creeper with a camera.”


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