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“Four distinctive loaves from Bread Furst available at Whole Foods Market P St. starting Thursday”

1440 P Street, NW

From a press release:

“Four distinctive loaves from Bread Furst available at Whole Foods Market P St. starting Thursday

What breads will be available?

· Corn Rye: The corn is on the crust, making the bread crunchy when you bite into it. It has the flavor of caraway, traditionally teamed with rye bread.

· Whole Wheat: A bread shouldn’t be called “whole wheat” unless it is made entirely from whole wheat flour, flour made from the entire berry. Bread Furst’s is made entirely from a coarse whole wheat bought from Pecan Meadow Farms, a small Pennsylvania Amish farm.

· Multigrain: This is a hearty bread with grains spread throughout the loaf.

· Teff Rye: Teff is best known to us as the flour in injera, the Ethiopian flat bread. It’s both flavorful and nutritious.

What makes the bread different?

· The ingredients: The breads are made with a sourdough that was started in 1989. Their flours, grains and seeds are organic. Because they are made slowly from very good ingredients, they develop a depth of flavor.

· The crust: very, very dark, Bread Furst bakes its breads until they are deeply caramelized (not burned, as some may think).

· Taste: deep sweetness, like that of molasses, with a more complex flavor than other breads.

How do you store the bread? Here’s what Mark suggests:

· Take it home and each time you slice it, sliced what you’re going to eat. Store the rest of the loaf, cut-side down on counter. (Do not refrigerate it or wrap it in plastic. You’ll be surprised how long the bread will stay fresh.)

Why Whole Foods Market?

· Bread Furst prides itself on being a neighborhood bakery, just as Whole Foods Market works to be a neighborhood store – highlighting as many local suppliers as possible. Through this partnership, more people will have access to the distinctive, quality breads of Bread Furst.

· The breads will be hand-shaped and baked by Bread Furst for sale at Whole Foods Market stores – ensuring customers get the same loaf that they could buy from the Conn Ave. location. The loaves will be priced the same as Bread Furst.

· Whole Foods Market works to find unique products from local suppliers, both for the benefit of our customers and to support community suppliers. On a search for great bread to provide customers more choices in our bakery, Bread Furst was top of the list. The opportunity to work with D.C.’s master breadmaker and James Beard Award nominee, Mark Furstenberg, has been exciting for our Team Members, with the potential for more stores to have the bread soon.

Break Bread with Bread Furst and Whole Foods Market: Come try for yourself, and hear Mark talk about his unique approach to bread Thursday & Friday at Whole Foods Market P St.”

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