Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Last evening around 6:40pm I was biking home on Rhode Island Ave NW. At the intersection with 7th Street I slowed to wait for traffic to pass. At the southeast corner of the intersection where I was slowly biking by, a group of young African American girls (I would say 3-5 kids, ages 12-15) with school bags was gathered. One of them reached her arm out and pepper-sprayed me directly in the face.

A second later, I was blinded and shocked by the pain, but I managed to stop and pull my bike off the street without getting hit by a car (or bus). Fortunately, some bystanders helped me with water and napkins to try to get the spray out of my eyes.

I believe the girls boarded a G8 bus that was directly behind me. I could definitely hear them laughing at me. There were no witnesses and I was blinded, so there wasn’t much I could do about it. After a shower and rinsing my eyes in cold water, I was totally fine.

Shaw residents, watch out for these punk-ass kids!”


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