“That an adult (campaign worker) would steal a bag of sidewalk chalk is mind boggling to say the least. But to have it stolen by someone campaigning for the DC Attorney General is simply stunning.”

by Prince Of Petworth October 21, 2014 at 1:20 pm 17 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

We live in H Street, NE and this [Monday] afternoon, a woman campaigning for a DC Attorney General candidate knocked on our door. My wife was home but did not answer as she was nursing our 2-month-old. The campaign worker remained on our porch for a few minutes and sorted through some paperwork. Clearly oblivious to my wife sitting just inside the window, the woman then reached down, picked up our older son’s bag of sidewalk chalk, and nonchalantly placed it in her own bag. She then left and headed down the sidewalk towards the next house. My wife ran outside with the baby and demanded the chalk back, and the campaign worker silently returned it.

That an adult would steal a bag of sidewalk chalk is mind boggling to say the least. But to have it stolen by someone campaigning for the DC Attorney General is simply stunning. I do not share this as part of a political agenda, as up until this afternoon I had really not given any thought to this particular race [though I certainly have now].”

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  1. Chalk it up to bad behavior

  2. AHH you beat me to it!

  3. Thank you – need and afternoon chortle/snort.

  4. Well done!

  5. The pun ability of commenters here is unrivaled on the Internet.

    Well played.

  6. That colored chalk was forged by Lucifer himself!

  7. Sorry, but (for me) this is hilarious.

  8. I appreciate that you’re not outing the candidate because of this odd behavior of one campaigner. But also: Who was the candidate?

  9. My all time favorite theft from our porch: Worn out loafers caked in dog poop. I don’t think it was election season when that happened.

  10. I think that tops my “random theft” example – someone stole my compost.

  11. Did you report it to the candidate? Chances are he/she is unaware of this; I would guess most candidates rely heavily on networks of volunteers to spread their message, who aren’t subject to background checks, but if I were the candidate, I’d certainly want to know this was happening and ensure this woman was no longer part of my campaign team.

  12. Yes. Even if you don’t want to post it publicly, please contact the candidate to inform him or her about this.

  13. Original poster here. Yes – we reported it to the campaign office last night via the “contact us” section of their website. Have not yet received a response…

  14. OT, but vaguely related: I live in a large apartment building and got a flyer for a candidate (I honestly don’t remember which office he is running for) in my mailbox. There was no postage on it. It was a piece of 8.5×11 copy paper, folded in half, “sealed” with a sticker and had my apartment number printed on it. I’ve volunteered for major political campaigns and the first thing they tell you is to not place any of the printed materials they give you in the mailboxes, as it is against the law to do so without postage. The only way this candidate’s flyer could have gotten into my mailbox is if either our mail person or someone from the building’s management office opened the mailbox for the candidate/campaign worker handing them out. There is no way to slip anything into these mail boxes while they are locked. I meant to make an inquiry with the DC board of elections, but forgot about it until now. Does anyone know what the ramifications of this type of (seemingly illegal) campaigning are?

  15. Same person who stole my decorative gourd last week from my front porch, I bet. What kind of person steals decorative gourds??

  16. Don’t know, but OHMYGOURD!


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