Washington, DC


From @DCStreetcar:

“To make your opinions on @DDOTDC’s proposed regulations official, use http://t.co/1T7KJOimUs or [email protected] before 9/27.”

From DDOT’s Facebook page:

“In response to the “proposed” regulations for bicycling on H Street. [52268]

DDOT’s number one priority is the safety of all modes of transportation, including bicycles, who share H Street. To that end, G and I Streets now have contraflow bicycle lanes, a safer alternative to H Street and designed to keep cyclists away from streetcar tracks.

We have concerns about all kinds of vehicles impeding the travel of the streetcar, and taken as a whole, the regulations address that. We are looking for constructive ways to address this concern while minimizing the impact to all users of the street. What were shared are (proposed) regulations for which we are seeking public comment.

Constituents have until Sept. 27 to weigh in.”


“In response to the suggestion that prohibition on riding bicycles on the H st. Streetcar guideway *and* the prohibition on bringing bicycles on-board a streetcar during rush hour periods:

“Additionally, DDOT proposed these regulations specifically for the opening of the H Street/Benning Rd streetcar line. Before the opening of any new lines or extensions, DDOT intends to evaluate how the system is performing under the existing regulations and make changes as appropriate.”


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