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  • Anonymous

    Looks great!

  • Emilie504

    Ooh I like the planters on the walls.

  • SusanRH

    Wow – looks amazing, can’t wait to check it out

  • Anonymous

    Maple: So delicious, so expensive. I need a new (second?) job.

    • SusanRH

      I actually think it is pretty reasonably priced! They have great HH specials too

    • Anonymous

      I don’t find it to be particularly pricey, especially for the quality of the food being served.

      • Anonymous

        price is right on point for the food!

    • Anonymous

      Woah! You cant afford $12 – $24 for a really nice dinner? some of the best pricing in town for a great meal! where do you think you can go to a NICE place for less? We are talking high end food here, not pizza, burgers, beers etc.

    • Broke Anon

      OK, I know, Maple isn’t necessarily overpriced, and it’s not like we’re talking about Komi prices here. And don’t get me wrong: It’s a fantastic establishment.

      But no, you can’t get dinner for $12 at Maple. That literally gets you a caprese salad.

      Last time I went, the bill for two was $80. This included three glasses of happy-hour-priced wine per person, appetizer(s) of some sort, and two (discounted) sandwiches. It was a delicious, leisurely meal. But tax and tip, boom, you’ve spent $80.

      Is the food freaking delicious? Yes. Is it overpriced? Not quite, though Maple might considering branding itself as a small-plates establishment. I’m not looking for Pasta Mia-style portions here, but their plates are comically small.

      Just saying, you need to made a fair amount of coin to regularly spend $80 on dinners for two and not bat an eye. If I had more money, or if I weren’t concerned with saving money, I would go there all the time.

      Luckily, KBC is right next door. Different plane of cuisine, I know, but I really, really appreciate it when restaurants put out good food at that price point.

      Blogs: Where commenters decry gentrification in one post and in another express incredulity when someone says a fancy restaurant is too pricey for them.

      • Stavros

        I don’t see much difference in the price points between the two. Take a good look at the menus, you would not have spent much less for the same meal (6 glasses of wine, multiple appetizers, and then dinner for two) at KBC than you did at Maple. Maple: http://www.dc-maple.com/menu/. KBC: http://kangarooboxingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/TwoPageFood.pdf.

        • Anonymous

          I take it you haven’t eaten at Maple and KBC.

          At Maple, you *must* order multiple appetizers if you want to walk away full. I almost never order multiple appetizers at KBC because their entrees consist of *enormous piles of meat and sides*

          What’s more, my experiences at Maple have been during happy hour. The latest $80 situation at Maple had 6 HH glasses of wine two discounted paninis. So a fair comparison for KBC would be two $6 Costanza burgers and six glasses of $4 wine/beer = $46.80 after tax and tip. Trust me, a Costanza burger with slaw and fries will not leave you hungry. But I’ll humor you and add in $5 falafel bites, raising the total to $53.30 after tax and tip.

          $53 vs. $80.

          I’m not saying KBC is a better restaurant because of this…I’m just saying it’s cheaper, and that it’s crazy to argue otherwise if you’ve actually eaten at both places. I love them both…but I can afford one and not the other.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!!! Great job Maple! This is a seriously underrated restaurant. All of these food places on 11th are ALWAYS packed. I’m glad this will help alleviate the waiting. We could still use a few more food options as well though!


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