Washington, DC


Yesterday my daughter was taking her afternoon constitutional and as we were walking on Illinois Avenue she spotted a little boy playing with a toy car. So we sprinted over as fast as we possibly could and the two played together for a little while. As we were walking away the boy says wait, wait and he runs into his house. And I have to say at this point it did not look like he had tons of toys. So anyway he comes back and says with difficulty (English is not his first language) “I asked my mother and she says you can have this, I have another.” After many many protestations on our part he absolutely insists that “the little girl” take his race car. I’ve never been happier to live on such mean streets.  Thank you Manuelito.

Ed. Note: If you have a story/experience from your own mean streets please send a brief description in an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dog)com and include what neighborhood you live in.


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