Washington, DC

Photos courtesy Nauti Foods

From an email:

“We had a great first day out on the water, but didn’t go out Sunday due to the predicted storms (which never seemed to materialize).

We will be back out on the water next Friday evening (5-8pm) and then Sat/Sun approx 12-8 *weather permitting. (hours & weekly specials will be posted by the end of the week on Facebook and twitter)

Our basic menu is Nauti Dogs (hot dogs), Naked Nauti Dogs (no bun/on a stick), cold drinks (water, coconut water, iced tea, lemonade, soda), frozen treats (ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, popsicles, and freeze pops). We will also be carrying gelato pops from Dolcezza and some other local items from places like Sticky Fingers and Gouter and others. These are the ‘specials’ which may vary from week to week.”

From an earlier press release:

“Washington, D.C. The area’s first food boat will launch this weekend providing boaters, kayakers, and paddle-boarders with snacks, ice cream, and cold drinks on the water. Items available for purchase on the boat include hot dogs, chips, cookies, and ice cream treats. Nauti Foods will also feature select items from several local producers such as Gouter, Sticky Fingers, and Dolcezza.

Nauti Foods will be anchored just north of the Key Bridge and will be open Friday afternoons and Saturday/Sunday. Credit card and cash accepted.”



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