Lines for Bagels and Bialys Saturday Morning in Logan

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 11:55 am 44 Comments

1805 14th Street, NW

Good thing Cork Market added another weekend for the Bullfrog Bagels and Bialys pop up. Anyone get a taste?

A friend mine with very good bagel/bialy bona fides says:

“These are the real deal! Ate a bialy fresh from the oven. Better than Kossars.”


  • Anonymous

    If this doesn’t demonstrate the need for a few good bagel places/bakeries in DC, I don’t know what does. What’s the hold up??? Any truth to the rumor a NY bagel maker was looking at space in Petworth?

    • Anonymous

      I hope so.

    • Anonymous

      1) The bagels were good, and better than almost anything around. The dough had flavor, they were boiled, had a nice chew, good outer layer, not too doughy on the inside. They’re not as good as Bread Furst, but they are in the right direction.
      2) A specialty Bagel shop in Petworth would do good weekend business, but would be crickets weekdays.

      • Anonymous

        Space is cheaper in Petworth for the bakery. Weekend traffic would be great. On weekdays, can’t you do good business with bagels and platters of delicious cream cheeses, tuna salad, lox, egg salad, white fish salad sold and more delivered to downtown offices? Also, bake bagels in Petworth and have a satellite food truck stationed each morning in downtown locations?

        • Anonymous

          not much cheaper, and much less demand.

          • Anonymous

            What are you basing the demand off of? I don’t think you have been to Petworth lately. There is a severe lack of food options given the rapidly changing neighborhood. A beagle place and/or bakery would go over like gang busters.

          • Anonymous

            Have you been to the Coupe or Qualia Coffee on a week day morning? It’s jam packed. You can’t get a seat at either location. If this proposed bagel place had wifi as well as coffee, it would absolutely do well. People underestimate the amount of people that work from home or tele-work these days.

          • Anonymous

            to the two anonymice,

            i live in petworth. i actually go to the coupe pretty often. never jammed packed, part of why i go there actually. i can always count on getting a seat.
            i’ve been to qualia twice. yes, pretty jammed packed but it is tiny.

            could more things open up and thrive? yes. but to suggest that there is more demand there than down on 14th doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

          • Anonymous

            What time do you to there? Its always a 15-20 minute wait after 9:30am. You are wrong.

          • Anonymous

            wrong? i guess i live in a dream world. ok, you win.

  • Anonymous

    Missed it this weekend – glad they’re coming back next weekend though!

  • elizml

    The bagels are delicious! Really hope they’re able to open up a store soon.

  • sarah

    glad to hear they are coming out, i totally forgot about it this weekend! even happier to hear that they’re good…i mentioned this on the other thread but their popup in bloomingdale sold out by like 8:30 in the morning. this city is bagel-starved.

    • Anonymous

      I would love it if they could open a store in Bloomingdale! I bet one of those storefronts at 2nd/Fl would make an absolute killing!

      • Anonymous

        You mean like a block from Big Bear? Granted Big Bear has only 2 bagel choices, but it seems to have the weekend breakfast crowd covered. There is also Uncle Chips at FL and North Cap.

        • One single cafe has the whole neighborhood’s breakfast crowd covered? Surely there is room for competition?

          • Anonymous

            Haha this is what kills me about *every* real estate listing in Bloomingdale. “Only 2 (two!!!) Blocks from BIG BEAR CAFE!!1!” Like, okay, is there literally nothing else there?

          • Anonymous

            also windows.

        • Anonymous

          Have you been to Big Bear? That place is always packed to the gills (much to my chagrin as a neighbor). As Justin mentioned, there’s plenty of room for competition. Shit, I wish I had the up-front cash to do this myself…

  • Anonymous

    They were delicious! I couldn’t wait, so I ate my bialy on the way home. I suggest putting in a pre order for next weekend, as they sold out pretty quickly (I was one of the last orders they took at about 9:15/9:20). Also, the times posted last week are incorrect. Saturday and Sunday they’re open at 9 am (not 11 am on Sunday, as I found out!).

    • Anonymous

      It looks like people in that line were trying to preorder. I agree, good idea.

  • It’s such a well spaced line too. This may be the best behaved customer base in the city.

  • Anonymous

    +1 on this city being bagel-starved. I’ve been to Betheda Bagels in Dupont exactly once – worse than the frozen bagels at the grocery store. And I’m by no means a bagel-snob.

    • Georgetown Bagelry (oddly, in Bethesda) is still the only reliably good outpost I’ve found for them. I consider them worthy of a drive, if you’ve got a hankering.

      • recon::decon

        Yeah, I’ve never understood Bethesda Bagel in Dupont and Georgetown Bagel in Bethesda. It’s like a weird bagel-jedi mind trick or something. But +1 for Georgetown Bagel, although on the weekend is not uncommon to see a line just as long as the one in this picture, again underscoring the need for bagels in DC. NO MORE CUPCAKES!!

      • anon

        Try Bagel Place in College Park.

    • annonny

      How about the “Bagels, Etc.” shop on P Street btw 22nd and 23rd? They boil/bake their own, and while not tops in my experience, are pretty good. The owners/proprietors are also really nice.

      • annonny

        actually, btw 22nd and 21st….

  • Anonymous

    I’ll also attest to their deliciousness. Got a pre-order on Friday. I don’t think they were 100% prepared for the demand so there were a few kinks but nothing to complain about especially with fresh bagel in my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    These are a lot like the bagels from Buffalo and Bergen in Union Market. Super delicious and fresh.

  • shaybee

    THEY WERE SO GOOD. I pre-ordered a dozen and had no trouble picking them up, but they did say that they sold out super early, as others have said. Might have to order more for next weekend….

  • Leigh

    Does anyone know what time they will open this Friday? I want to get a bagel before work!!

  • Anonymous

    They never responded to my preorder email and were DEFINITELY sold out by the time I showed up at 1030 on Saturday morning. Preordered for next weekend!

    Seriously, if I had cash to invest I’d open up a chain of good bagel stores in this city. It’s not just a lack of good bagels, though, it’s a lack of bagels all together! Such a weird bagel desert. Bagel bagel bagel.

    Also, Brooklyn Bagel near Courthouse is pretty phenomenal. Almost worth crossing the river for. But if you find yourself there anyways…

  • Anonymous

    “Good” bagels also depend on “good” water. The water in the District tastes AWFUL so any bagels made here won’t be very good. PH balance and minerals in the source water all contribute toward a bagel’s taste. I honestly don’t think we will see great bagels being produced in the area anytime soon on a massive level.

  • Bona fides

    You made my day.

    One interesting thing to note — instead of being contained in a well, like most bialys I’ve had, the onion/poppy/salt deliciousness in the center puffed out. We ate one straight from the bag while still warm and it was perfect without butter or cream cheese, although the lox spread was fabulous.

    I hope they find a home soon. In the meantime, I’ll be back next week for a pre-order.

  • OTBerbur

    I was the 11th person in a line of 24 when co-owner Diane Gross opened Cork Market at 9:05 am Saturday. Notwithstanding that, the line moved faster and seemed better organized than several I have encountered on Saturday mornings at Bethesda Bagel in Dupont.
    My spouse and I thought the bagels were excellent, but not spectacular. They were properly sized (unlike Bethesda Bagels, which appear to be on steroids), and had fine flavor and a good chew. We both thought they could have been crustier. It’s the best bagel I’ve purchased in DC, but not necessarily in the metro area — I would like to perform a taste test between the Bulldog Bagels and those from Goldberg’s on Georgia Ave. in Sliver Spring.

  • Totally random Korean bagel place on K between 20th and 21st – used to be Whatsa Bagel, now I think it’s called something creative like K Street – is actually not bad. Way better than any of the big chain abominations, and while it won’t be the best bagel you’ve ever had, it’s a real bagel.

    Plus, they always have salt, my absolute favorite.

    • annonny

      Yea, this place is good, too. I prefer “Bagels Etc” to the K street bagel shop (I think it’s now named “K Street Bagels”) but both have friendly staff and are owner-operated. The K Street shop also plays classical music, a nice touch.


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