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Another Indecent Exposure Incident Reported – Warning for Women Runners on Klingle Road

by Prince Of Petworth — July 15, 2014 at 10:45 am 21 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

A reader passes on from the Mount Pleasant Listserv:

“A quick warning:

My roommate (a 5’2′ ‘ woman) was running down Klingle road toward rock creek park this afternoon around 5:30pm. Just before reaching the bridge, where there is a gap between the fence and the bridge railing, she saw a stocky, clean-cut latino man wearing a white t shirt and jeans exposing and touching himself (facing the street) and leering at her. After they made eye contact, he began running towards her, and she ran away towards Porter. He chased her for a few steps then turned and ran back up Klingle.

She called 911 and the police took a statement from her, and supposedly patrolled the area. She said she couldn’t tell if he seemed intoxicated, but was struck by the fact that he looked “so normal and clean cut, like anyone you’d see on the street.” I don’t know if they found him. Women running alone in the park should stay alert!!”

  • Anonymous

    I’d be especially careful on Klingle road, as it is unlit, poorly maintained, seldom used by runners and almost never patrolled by Park Police.

    • tacooooo

      Klingle is technically not open to the public, although people obviously do go down it.

    • Agree there is all kinds of sketchiness back there. “Klingle Valley Park” was always a bad joke – I didn’t use the road much (if at all) and don’t have a dog in the fight, but it is interesting that all the people who were so vocal about preserving the lovely park have disappeared now.

  • nightborn

    That is terrifying! Poor lady. As a fellow runner, I try to stick to very well populated streets for this very reason, even though I would love to run in prettier areas or in a park. I hope they catch this asshole.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the same description we’ve heard before. What’s it going to take to catch this guy??

    On another note, I have begun to hate walking around Columbia Heights on a Saturday morning. A certain segment of the population is drunk (still? already? don’t know) and especially offensive with their leers and their kissy noises. Right up in my face, when I’m out with a small child. Any thoughts on how to deal with drunken harassment at 10am?

    • Bitter Elitist

      Still. I walked past a trio this AM. Just move quickly w/o making eye contact.

    • Wobble

      I lived in El Salvador for 5 years, and have worked in all the Central American countries except for Panama and Belize. It is a tradition there among lower SE men to start drinking early on Saturdays and hang out with their buddies. They can be totally blotto by mid-morning.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really want to start a thread about harassment… but, is it just me, or is street harassment getting worse?

  • Anon

    Maybe it’s time to repair it and turn it back into what it was – a functioning road.

  • TG

    Chandra Levy was supposedly headed to Klingle mansion when she was murdered. Please be careful and aware out there people. The guy that was convicted of killing Chandra Levy attacked another woman that narrowly escaped being dragged off of the trail. Her boyfriend was running behind her but was far enough back that it didn’t matter. Find a friend and run with them. Keep the earbuds out when you are in an area like this. Better yet, don’t run alone on sparsely populated trails. Sorry, I have a young girl and sh*t like this scares me.

  • Anonymous

    The description of the event location “gap between the fence and the bridge railing” sounds like this took place on the fully-functioning, relatively highly-trafficked part of Klingle Road that runs into the park from the East before eventually becomes Porter. I walk this section of the road between Mt. P. and Cleveland Park regularly. The fence certainly adds a bit of security for most of the walk but this gap does make me nervous at times and often exhibits trash and beer cans indicating that it may be a location for homeless activities or public drinking. Someone should look into extending the fence here as a long-term security solution. In the meantime whoever has control of the area should also cut back the brush on the Western side of the bridge, it sketches me out too. Safety should be a top priority in this pedestrian corridor, especially because there are virtually no alternatives to East/West travel in the area (and God knows the H busses can’t always be counted on). Who manages this part of the park? Metro PD or NPS?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the jerk myself and many other womanfolk have run into on 16th in Colombia Heights? Anyone remember that? Maybe he’s branched out, but if so it’s troubling that he seems to be escalating.

    • TG

      Yep. The problem is it can start off this way but then lead to full on assault or worse as the scum bag gets bolder.

  • Bitter Elitist

    This is scary. Him chasing her is an escalation from plain exposure. This guy is working himself up to rape. I truly hope he is caught.

  • Use Linux die alone.

    I have had other runners tell me they have been cited for trespassing by park police because it is closed.

    • Anonymous

      As noted above by another commenter this sounds like the very much open (and four-lane) section of Klingle that drops into the park from Mt. P before becoming Porter; not the other part of the road. This incident is about brazen behavior, not the level of sketch in a controversial part of the park.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this doesn’t mean they will properly close off this stretch of Klingle Road. It allows me to walk to work in 30 min, opposed to drive around for 15 min. It’s such a calm beautiful walk, wish it could stay like this forever.

  • Anonymous

    Great. I live on Klingle Ridge. Now I’m going to be freaked out everytime I walk my dog…

  • Anonymous

    The above picture is misleading. If a runner were to travel “toward Rock Creek Park” from Mt. Pleasant on Klingle, they would encounter the “gap between the fence and the bridge railing” described by the OP to the forum while traveling on a much, much more highly-trafficked section of road. Readers need to know the appropriate location of the threat. The commenters here keep making that mistake, pedestrians on Klingle can’t afford to make that mistake.

    You can see exactly what the OP was talking about here: https:[email protected],-77.049704,3a,75y,224.95h,80.32t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sy4lYMRamagfvDY_iFAsstg!2e0

    • andy2

      Agree – the photo is misleading.

  • Indeed, the location is on the portion of Klingle Road that intersects Adams Mill, and this is not the closed portion, some distance away. (Many people think this bit of Klingle Road is Porter Street, which it becomes, upon passing over Beach Drive.)

    This incident is, unfortunately, nothing new. A number of homeless men live in the park, and some enjoy going to the fenceline and exhibiting themselves.


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