• Nice! I would much rather have this than another pizza place. I hope they don’t suffer the curse of Roman numerals on H Street though :)

    • AG

      Agree, though I did try delivery from Pizza, Parts… and it was really good. Quality about on par with We, the Pizza but with a thinner crust, which I prefer, and much bigger for about the same price. I think it’s going to be my go-to delivery out of the very limited options on the Hill

  • aaaaa


  • dcreal

    Would be nice if they sell their selections by the bottle to go.

    • In DC you have to have different licenses for that, which sucks because it makes so much sense (Grape + Bean in Alexandria is a perfect example of this) to incorporate the retail element. I think excluding the retail element though allows them to have a higher mark-up on the wines.

  • SF

    High hopes for this. A laid back but quality wine bar (old Sova, Room 11) would do very well here. An overpriced and pretentious one, not so much.

    • AJNE

      Totally agree. The pretentious wine bars can be left to Penn Ave


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