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  • JPK

    Hot, sweaty, and crowded. Dead silent when the US went down 1-0 and Ghana then tied it up. Atmosphere as everyone was piling out was great as we realized that WE HAD SURVIVED THE GROUP OF DEATH

  • Anonymous

    Looks miserable, as I expected. Could people even see the screen?
    Every place with food, beer, and a TV downtown (K Street/Connecticut) was PACKED to the rafters. Incredible turnout. Offices must have been empty.

  • CoHi Chick

    It was ok, wish there had been more screens, but I go there late, my fault. The energy was great though!

    • Damn, if those were the only 2 screens for the entire circle I’m kind of glad we went to City Tap House instead.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I heard via Washingtonian that there is now a pizza shortage in DC due to World Cup pizza.

  • Anonymous

    that looks like the movie/play ‘les miserables’ i cant imagine standing out there without a drink for 2 hours to watch a 1-0 game. I wanted to go but kinda expected what the above pictures indicated.

  • anon_

    went for 10 min – realized the screens were too small then went somewhere else.

  • XVX

    I was there briefly but the screens were too small so it really wasn’t worth it unless you were pretty close to them (or stand up on the fountain).

  • Anonymous

    I went to Cities and enjoyed 2 hours of good conversation & the game with a friend. $21 for air conditioning, a comfortable seat, a Fat Tire, and surprisingly delicious over-stuffed chicken gyro & side salad. Money well spent, IMHO, and the crowd was great. Lots of IMF and World Bank staff who decided to avoid the crowds in the cafeteria. And we showed up 20 minutes into the first half. We went to Blackfinn, Elephant & Castle, and The Bottom Line but the crowds spilled out the front door at each and no chance of getting a table. Pass.

  • Anonymous

    it was fun. Stayed about an hour to soak in atmosphere . Nice way to enjoy DuPont on a hot day instead of sitting inside.

  • Anonymous

    Boundary stone the better choice!

    • Anonymous

      Yea – but could you get a drink at the Stone?

  • Anonymous

    If the screens were set up 5 ft higher, everybody would have able to see!

    • Anon

      Exactly, that was the main problem, they were too low. Five feet higher and other half of the circle would have been able to see the game.

  • pvjdp

    The screens at DuPont Circle were sponsored by the German embassy. They said “Germany in the US” on them. I don’t know how I feel about that. Did we have to resort to letting the opponents’ government fund our watch party? Great atmosphere though, and very sweaty.

    • If an American business had coughed up the coin to sponsor the screens I doubt anyone would have stopped them.

  • Jeezpf

    It was definitely hot and crowded- but the general atmosphere was great. Lots of cheering and great general discussions about soccer all around. It was certainly not super easy to watch on the screens, especially for shorter people, but I’m really grateful that the German embassy sponsored the event. I had a lot of fun!

  • The Other Jason

    It was awesome! We got there around 9:30 and set up camp. Great, festive crowd. Lots of new friends sharing “juice” and “coffee”. It started getting pretty crowded around 11. I do feel bad for those who were in the back because the two screens were kinda small from way back there. More screen like 4 years ago would have been good….but if you remember, people were staring all over the place then. This had a nice focus to it. The Germans were good hosts.

  • I watched the game from the rooftop deck of Nellies: It was a good crowd, far more people there then I expected for noon on a “school day.” Probably be an even bigger crowd for the upcoming match with Belgium! *…


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