• Anonymous

    Not particularly. I like some of their projects, but this one is blah.

  • pcat

    Is this the development that starts at $1M?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s not. Small 1br’s were/are selling for mid 300s.

      • Anonymous

        Oops – scratch that. I mistook this for another similar-looking property that’s going up around 5th and R NW. No clue about the price-point here.

  • Anon

    If that’s the finished product, then not so much. The grey resembles a prison. Those windows don’t thrill me either. The general form is good though.

  • Anonymous

    Could this look any more drab?

  • Anon

    Just walked past this the other day, photos aren’t capturing the color well. Much less “gray” than this.

  • Anonymous

    Did this architect do the condo development on the northwest corner of 11th and V Streets NW?
    It looks like an identical, smaller version.

  • tomfiatlux

    I ride by it on my bike on my way to work everyday. It looks pretty good in person. It’s a deeper shade than the photos suggest.

  • foodieindc

    I live around the corner from this building. Reatig couldn’t have come up with something more ugly if she tried. Its 60s-esque ugly grey brick is an eyesore that doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood at all. And don’t get me started on the cheap stair railings that look like the “bike fencing” that is used by the city to block off streets for temporary events.

    • Anonymous

      “Reatig couldn’t have come up with something more ugly if she tried”

      Really? 625 Rhode Island/Bailey Park? 623 M/Bailey Have? She can and has come up with much much worse.

      • anon

        Worst architect in the city imo. Her stuff is just pure fugly. Agreed on 623 M aka Legoland -it’s probably the worst out of the “Bailey” lot..

      • Anonymous

        I think that 625 RI looks MUCH better + more interesting than this project. I think she gets to design a bunch of these because she uses the cheapest materials/methods.

      • Rich

        It fits in with the neighborhood and it isn’t one of those ugly Eric Colbert places.

    • ET

      Other than the paint it doesn’t look that different that the brick right next to it – though is does look a lot nicer than that one.

      I sort of like this one. The scale is good for the most part – helped I think that the building next to it is the same height, and it references the townhouses with bay window fronts without being Ballstonized. I like the variety of the window which keep it from looking too modern.

  • Duponter

    In Soviet Russia, building designs you!

  • Anonymous

    I like this one, kind of new age art deco. Could use a little more detail on the facade though

  • Boring gray square block – nothing interesting or different at all – so what does the architect even matter?

  • LSmith

    Are these apartments or condos?

  • DR

    She is hands-down the worst architect in the city. Her buildings are a scourge in Shaw. Please, please, stop doing buildings in our neighborhood. They are cheap, ugly, and and totally out of place.

  • Anonymous

    Praying to all that is holy – please don’t let her find my neighborhood…

  • Anon

    looks really boring. did not she do that apartment building in shaw off rhode island ave, with the bright colors? that one tries to look hip and modern but does not work – inside is nice though.


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