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Halftime Sports Bar Now Open on H Street?

by Prince Of Petworth June 3, 2014 at 4:25 pm 22 Comments

1427 H Street, NE

A reader writes in this morning’s rant/revel:

Halftime Sports Bar on H Street should be open now. I went by last night around 7pm for a drink and it was closed and dark inside. Does anyone know why? I find it hard to believe a sports bar would be closed on Mondays.”

Their website says:

Mon-Thu: 12PM – 2AM
Fri-Sat: 12PM – 2AM
Sun: 12PM – 2AM”

Anyone able to stop in and check it out?

I took a peek in the window on Saturday morning:


  • Cheezus

    Amazing how you take one look at a place and pretty much know its fate. This place will barely scrape by for about 6-8 months but similar to the demise of places like Pho Bar and Grill, it will eventually fail. Hopefully, it will then be bought out, gutted and furnished with comfortable seating, inviting and cool decor etc. This place looks like the restaurants I grew up with in the third world.

    • Anonymous


      I couldn’t watch a game at a table that looks like it was designed by Ray Kroc to maximize turnover.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised at all. The Elroy, two doors down and owned by the same people, is also never open when they claim it will be. It’s totally ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    Is this supposed to be the “family friendly” sports bar?

  • kd21

    If it’s open every day from noon – 2 AM, why bother breaking it down by Mon-Thu, Friday-Saturday, and Sundays? If they’re trying to be funny, it misses the mark a bit

  • That Man A

    looks…… ehh

  • C. Smith

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this place will do that well either, and failing to be open when you say you will be certainly doesn’t help. Too many places on H are totally missing the mark in terms of creating a brand and space that will be attractive to potential customers — an attribute just as important as the food and service.

  • Anonymous

    Not impressed with a lot of the places opening on H Street. I think it has hit its saturation point and will take quite a while to fill in completely. Nice option to have for differing tastes, but lots of competition in city that is more enjoyable to spend money.

    • Anonymous

      I have to disagree. With several major construction projects starting this summer, it seems it will fill in sooner rather than later. As to the success of individual small businesses (like this one), I’m not so sure. This place doesn’t look very inviting to me so I probably won’t go. That’s not to say other people will have the same opinion.

      • Yeah, they basically only have to stay afloat til 2016, when about 4 or 5 new massive condo projects will be completed up and down H Street.

  • Anonymous

    Family friendly… except for the fact that the smaller members of families won’t be able to climb up to the chairs.

    • If they’re too small to functionally climb into a chair (really, how difficult is this?) then wouldn’t you be putting them in a high chair or whatever anyway?

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, justinbc? Please tell me you didn’t notice that the chairs are bar stool height. Otherwise, this comment takes the cake early today for most ignorant of who one once was.
        “High chair or whatever” until you’re 2-ish tops, and then you’re just short of 3 ft tall for a long while, and maybe not well-coordinated enough to scale a bar stool without tipping it over.

        • If your kid can’t manage it then set him in it. I still don’t see how this is an issue.

          • Anonymous

            The kid could easily slip off / topple. This place seems as “family friendly” as it does “inviting”, which is to say not at all.

          • Anon 8:55

            That’s a different line of discussion altogether, and I would agree with it (apart from the danger of a 3ft tall squirmy person falling off a chair that high), but your original comment is still super douchy ignorant.

          • Anonymous

            I’m so glad I’m not a parent who’s raising their child to be terrified of chairs. Seriously people. If you want something to be concerned about it’s the fact you’re feeding your child sports bar food, which is about as unhealthy as it gets.

    • Anon 8:55

      OMG, and it’s not even calling itself “family-friendly” but “family-oriented”! That’s hilarious. Actually kind of creepy, because what do they mean, then, by family-oriented?

    • Anonymous

      Not all families include “smaller members”, so you’re being insensitive to many by implying that they must in order to be considered a family.

  • goaldigger

    Maybe family oriented means you have to keep the swearing at a minimum (that would leave me out, I can get salty if my team is sucking). What I want to know is what food and more importantly beers they have. If I’m planting my ass for a few hrs to watch a game I need good beer! The decor really doesn’t matter if the beer, service and people who show up to watch your sporting event are fun.

  • Anonymous

    Wait…people are actually complaining about this? lol! It looks like a decent sports bar. I will agree though that the Elroy is NEVER open so this doesn’t bode well if the ownership is the same.

    • Anon

      +1 looks like a decent sports bar to me. I will never understand why people complain about a new bar, restaurant, etc where there was a previously empty storefront. That being said, I wish they would stick to the hours they have posted. I can’t wait to try this place out.


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