Props to the Cops and an Alert Neighbor

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2014 at 11:40 am 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“Fifth District officers received a call for someone kicking a back door in, in the 1800 block of L Street Northeast. Through the great work of a neighbor, and dedicated Fifth District Officers Jerry Holmes, Melvin Washington, and Bryant Collins, a Burglary suspect was taken off the streets.

The officers arrived on the scene of 1834 L Street Northeast and quickly spotted the suspect, a foot chase began and the suspect was captured a short time later. A dedicated neighbor called the police, and took pictures of the suspect to assist with closing this case. Recovered in the back yard of 1834 l Street Northeast was a television.

Due to the fact the arrestee was a juvenile, I am unable to provide his information.

Great team work!!!!”

  • Wobble

    A burglar has not been taken off the streets. Because of his status as a juvenile, he is already out.

    A friend who was very strong tackled a guy in his house, and held him until the police arrived. When they got there, they said: “Oh, Willie — not you again?” They told my friend he could come down to the police station and file a complaint, but Willie would be home before he would.

    • anon

      I’m surprised your friend wasn’t arrested for assault.

    • Anonymous

      This bums me out. Wishing your friend tackled him a little harder and broken a few of his extremities…

    • mcd

      Random semi-related side story- I was in the military once and through work I had at the time I was attached temporarily to Honolulu PD in Hawaii. It felt much like a “ride along” kind of deal.
      We are cruising downtown around midnight when a call comes in for backup in a nearby neighborhood. We show up and there are 3 minors, I would say 16ish rolled up in cuffs sitting on the curb. The are a little banged up, bloody nose, crying etc. Officer I am attached to is friends with the officers we “backed up”, one of which was ~ 6’6″ 325# Samoan dude that apparently played football at Hawaii. We show up to sniveling kids in cuffs on a curb and a massive Samoan dude who simply states “Well, we caught them out here spray painting houses, they tried to run, they didn’t know how fast I could run the 40. Now they do.” Apparently this huge dude tackled these kids on the pavement, resulting in their injuries. Talk about an incentive not to be an asshole anymore…getting face slammed to the pavement by a massive Samoan dude.

  • Patrick

    I’m sure if we give him 10 more chances he’ll get his act together and stop violently kicking in the doors of strangers.
    I’m sure he’s a good boy who would never hurt anyone. His grandmother assures us of this.

    • anon

      yep. so true. The prosecutors and judges just don’t care.

      • ET

        I think that is a rather broad statement and if you don’t know them you shouldn’t make comments like that. I believe they do care but the ways the laws were written constrain them. Change everyone’s thoughts on the adjudication of juveniles and then change the law.

  • AtlasCesar

    i misread this as being on the “1800 block of L Street Northwest” on first read. And got really confused how anyone could “kick a back door in” there. But yeah. 18th and L NE. Cool that they got him.

  • anon

    I walked by a young pregnant woman and her 3-4 year old son waiting at a bus stop on North Capitol this morning. As I walked by, the kid tossed his toy behind a garbage can. The mother, stops her phone conversation and yells, “WHY THE HELL YOU DO THAT? PICK THAT SHIT UP!”
    I can’t help but think the poor kid will be kicking in doors in 12-13 years.

    • Anonymous

      I’m confused, she stopped him from littering! What’s wrong with a little bit of profanity as your child is only just learning vocabulary? :(

      • Patrick

        There is a lot wrong with that. I feel VERY sorry for you if you don’t see that.

  • simple

    If his parents welfare money was cut everytime he was caught committing a crime I wonder if his attitude would be different?? Can’t wait for the bleeding hearts response


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