• Anonymous

    You get a decent amount for the price. I personally think Hot n Juicy in Cleveland Park is better. The sauces are more flavorful, and I had concerns about a couple of the shrimp I got at Pier.

  • Dine and Drink DC

    Yeeeah, the fried shrimp is definitely frozen, despite the menu saying it’s hand-breaded and other little things like. The quality of the food is really not there. You’re better off walking the few extra blocks to Bayou, don’t waste your time here.

  • anon

    I had family in town over Memorial Day weekend and we stopped by randomly. I had no clue it was new. We sat outdoors, it was a nice and rather informal area on a Saturday afternoon. Service was great, we ordered several different plates which were all good. The crab were very good and reasonably priced – especially for this area. I’d go back.

  • Paula Product

    Great, another Gtown space replaced by bland faux-southern garbage. The only saving grace is that this dive will be gone within a year.


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