• kbloomingdale

    Awesome! I’ve been hoping for one for a while. The extra room will be nice.

  • lovefifteen

    That’s wonderful. This will almost double their size.

    • anon

      this has always been the plan. surprised it took this long.

  • T

    This is where the famous Compliment Machine was once located. Someone should bring that back.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! This is exciting to me. I love their food, but it’s always pretty busy, so the extra space will be nice.

  • Anonymous

    I live around the corner and tried Etto once. The food was disgusting (oily, greasy toppings, pizza dough that was somehow uncooked and burnt at the same time…) and waaay overpriced, and I have never been back. The wave of popular demand is tempting me into giving them a second shot. What do people like here?

    • lovefifteen

      Their cheeses are great. I had a good pizza, too …

    • Anonymous

      Everything. Maybe Neapolitan food just isn’t your thing.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Can’t wait to enjoy the best pizza on 14th street outside!

  • Anonymous

    there appears to be mixed reviews on the pizza

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic. Should make it less impossible and more just “difficult” to get a table there.

  • figby

    Just in time for 100 degree temps! I never get why people want to sit outside eating in blazing heat.

    Does Etto take reservations yet?


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