Parakeet Found at at 16th and Oak St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 3, 2014 at 10:45 am 11 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

My roommates and I found a bright yellow/green parakeet at 16th and Oak St NW (Mt. Pleasant/Col. Heights). It appeared to be in good health, no injuries. We managed to get it into a bag and took it to the Washington Humane Society at 1201 New York Ave. NE. It’s hanging out there for now, awaiting its owner. Would you be able to post something to try to alert the owner? Much appreciated! I’ve attached a photo (post-rescue).”

Hope it’s not this guy again!

  • if you can post your contact info, we can share on lost & found dogs DC metro facebook page.

  • What is with the Parakeets flying free around here? Here are at least two stories this year, how many last year?

    Are these just careless owners or butt heads releasing them after they realize these birds are a lot of work for any owner.

    We found one last year tangled in fruit tree netting last year. We took it in and bought a companion. Only an IDIOT doesn’t know these birds don’t fly south, and would not survive the winters here.

    Come on folks… take care of your pets or don’t get one.

    • wdc

      Chill out. It’s very easy and quick for a small bird to zip out an open door if you opt not to clip its wings. In fact, I’d argue that escaped pet birds might tend to come from BETTER homes… ones that don’t clip them, and don’t keep them locked in a cage all day every day.

      Thanks to the OP for helping out. Check/ post on craigslist; when I found a lost parakeet, that’s how I reunited it with its (loving, conscientious, totally distraught) owner.

      • Luckily this one was found and hopefully will be returned.

        It is still irresponsible owners who let a bird out of a cage, so it can “zip out an open door.”

        As for “BETTER” homes, that makes no sense. These are tropical birds, not a local sparrow.

        • wdc

          I vehemently disagree with you. “Irresponsible owners let a bird out of a cage”?? No. Cruel people keep birds in cages. If you can’t manage a pet bird without caging it 23/7, you shouldn’t have one. They are active, social animals, and cages are awful for them.

          • OK…

            Does that apply to dogs kept inside a fenced yard or walked on a leash, fish kept in an aquarium, reptiles kept in cages…

            This is exactly why Florida is fighting a python issue with non-native species.

            See how silly that sounds.

          • wdc

            Know a lot of social reptiles, do you? Big flocks of toads in your neighborhood? As we all know, every animal has the same requirements for health and comfort. (See how silly that sounds?)
            If you think that comparing birds to dogs and reptiles is a solid argument, I guess we’re done here.

          • Anonymous

            How does one keep a bird out of its cage and avoid one’s home becoming a guano pit?

  • Duponter

    Isn’t this geographically very close to where the last one was found a few weeks ago? Perhaps the same parakeet?

  • gesd

    These are not the same parakeets. This one appears to older and a different type.

    I am not an expert but if you look closely, you can see the black lines at the forehead, this is a sign of age – closer to the nose, the younger the bird is. Another clue is in the wings, the colors of one are more yellow than the other, this means one is a natural green type, the other one is a hybrid. One bird has a dark brown nose, the other one is pink. When female parakeets are older the nose turns brown, young ones are pinkish.

    A closer look shows one has a white ring around the black of the eye, the other not, also meaning it is younger. Another detail in both is neither appears to have a ID Band on the legs. Professional breeders always use ID leg bands, indicate these were probably born at someone’s home.

    Perekeet are not native from this area. They are sweet creatures and need special care. Their eat special food and seeds they won’t fine at the wild.

    When one of this little fellows escapes, most likely they won’t survive. They can’t just hide in a tree an live off it. Predator will catch them easyly.

    At least you live in Australia, so take special care of your little parakeet because it wont survive by itself.

  • I live near there and one night (a late night old dog walk) around the time of this posting I heard a bird making an absolute racket by Oak and 16. Not like a starling, but like it was imitating a car alarm and other city noises. Having rescued a conjure before I thought “Wow that is as annoying, loud and persistent as a parrot.” I guess this was the same bird—I hope the little guy was reunited with its owner.


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