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JP’s Night (Strip) Club Shut Down in Glover Park

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2014 at 10:05 pm 11 Comments

2412 Wisconsin Ave, NW

A reader sends word on Friday:

“Jp’s strip club in glover park got shut down by OTR this afternoon.”

JP’s reopened in Glover Park back in April of last year after being closed since a fire in 2008. Apparently there are some tax issues going on:


  • tmj

    I’m surprised that people even go to strip clubs anymore..It just seems very 90s, early 2000s..

    • Anonymous

      That’s a very strange comment.

      • tmj


    • Anonymous

      It’s like, you keep getting older, but the younger generations keep staying younger generations?

    • Anonymous

      No, I understand what you’re saying. Given how easy it is to see naked ladies (and so so much more) on the internet, why would anyone put on the publicly visible “sleaze” hat that comes from going to a brick & mortar strip club? For the food??

      • tmj

        I’m 25 so I’d say I’m part one of the younger generations in DC. But yes, I was mostly implying that with the Internet it’s a lot cheaper and easier to just go online, or meet someone who is willing to send you risque pictures.
        But I also feel like there is a shift in “values” (not like FAMILY GOD COUNTRY, but like what people want to do and what they don’t want to do) and most people in my wide variety of several different social circles just aren’t interested in strip clubs. It’s like the scene in 21 Jump Street when they first get back to high school and jocks and cars aren’t cool any more..it’s all about theater and being ‘green.’
        I girl I know in LA actually quit stripping (mainly because she didn’t give ‘extras’) but also because the client base just isn’t there, in her market/target audience at least. I’m not for or against them, I was just saying that it doesn’t seem like something most people do any more…like using Mapquest, booking a flight on the phone, or reading the (paper version of a) newspaper.

        • Anonymous

          its that you dated it as 90’s and 00’s when in fact it goes back much longer than any of us remember.

        • Anonymous

          its more than there was a time when the city, and east coast cities in general were pretty hollowed out. sex trade, and related businesses thrived because there were just not that many eyes on the street. and pretty certainly not the wives and girlfriends of the guys that were patronizing the place. there was an anonymity in it. when it’s not anonymous, it starts to disappear. guys that frequented these places were almost always the low parts of society, at least in their appetites. but now they have the internet. and thailand and russia.

        • Anonymous

          It was never a thing that ‘most’ people do, but it has always and will always be a thing that ‘some’ people do. Internet porn and sexting may be a substitute for some folks, but it’s not the same thing. Since you’re 25 I’ll forgive you for thinking that (or at least speaking as if) your “wide variety of several different social circles circles” is representative of the whole world, but it is not.

        • Until the Internet can give someone back room style privileges I’m pretty sure most of these types of clubs don’t really have to worry about going out of business. There’s a big difference between looking at something and touching (or being touched by) it, and that segment of the population is never going to go away.

  • andy2

    The front door has been shattered for months – seeing as how they didn’t fix it made me wonder what was up with this place. The valet parking disappeared as well – guess the business model isn’t working too well.
    I just hope the liquor license gets seized by the Tax Man and then something else opens here – would love something like Northside Social in Arlington.


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