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  • ah

    Something about a strip club “hiring all positions” makes me chuckle.

    • haha same. “I BET you’re hiring for all positions! oh!”

  • Sir Douchy

    I usually like to keep abreast of all news items in Glover Park, but this one seemed to slip between the cracks.

  • All positions except for lapdancers :(

  • I remember when the dancers handed out hot dogs at the Glover Park day community bbq a few years ago – pretty funny.

    In addition to “hiring all positions” – the note about “coming soon” made me laugh too. I’m immature and love puns.

  • Joe E.

    The term ‘Strip Club’ is not acceptable in this day and age. The proper term is ‘Tuition Assistance Program’

  • eak

    As the poet-scholar “Juicy J” once said: “Bandz a make her dance.”

    All these chicks clappin’, and they ain’t using hands.

  • C

    Ugh. Nothing like a little exploitation in the neighborhood.

    • true

      I do hate the exploitation that strip clubs foster. All those poor, balding, middle-aged bastards being conned out of their money in the misguided belief that the woman speaking to them has the slightest interest in anything about them except the amount of cash in their wallets.

      • eak

        +1. Destroyed. The only people being exploited in strip clubs are the patrons. Which should be allowed to happen. Yay free people participating in the free market.

      • Anonymous

        They also do serve a purpose though, where else would you go for a bachelor party? Church!? :P

    • Anonymous

      we have a troll ladies and germs

  • Anonymous

    and the email says @the vice group?!

  • Q-Street

    Yaaaaaay boobies

  • dc guy aka former Glover Park resident

    I wonder if they’re keeping the jukebox from the last proprietor. And if they are, it better have “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard on it.

  • Vice group, meet vice cops.

  • BP

    That’s too bad…feel sorry for their neighbors. Hopefully, they’ll close again.


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