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From the Forum – What to do with a cat that consistently pees all over house? At wits end!

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2014 at 2:10 pm 52 Comments


What to do with a cat that consistently pees all over house? At wits end!

“We have an 11 year old cat that for the past 2+ years has been consistently peeing all over the house. We have tried everything we can think of to stop it. He has been checked out by two vets and there doesn’t appear to be any underlying medical condition. We’ve tried all the tips and tricks the vet and internet blogs have suggested. We keep a clean litter box in a private place, we’ve used heavy duty cat urine removers to try and remove the smell and applied special sprays that are supposed to stop a cat from peeing. We give him lots of attention. But nothing is helping. I am sick of cleaning up after it and having my house destroyed not to mention the sanitation concerns considering we have 2 small children. But, what can we do? Take him to a shelter? Who wants an 11 year old cat who pees everywhere? Taking him there is basically akin to getting him put to sleep and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about it.

By all other counts he is a great cat and maybe if he was in a home without the stress of young kids he wouldn’t do it anymore. We’ve tried for months to locate a new home or situation for him with no luck. The final straw was this weekend when we paid a professional service to come and clean all of the carpets and furniture in our house in advance of house guests and he proceeded to pee all over the carpet moments after they left. Has anyone been in this situation before and what did you do? We are at our wits end.”

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