• Anonymous

    little kids raised on that corner growing up to be gang bangers. sad.

    • jamesbeaz

      I wish Popville would delete cruel and malicious comments like the one above.

      Um, no, no parent aspires for their child to grow up and be a gang banger.

      If we want to stop these kinds of horrid shootings in our city, here’s what needs to happen (mind you, some of this will need to happen at the federal level):

      1.) Nationwide gun control so guns from other states can’t cross the border into DC and kill our children (and adults).
      2.) Child benefit payments — direct (not a tax credit) — so that parents have the resources necessary to ensure their children receive a proper upbringing.
      3.) Mandatory paid sick leave so parents can take care of their children when they are sick.
      4.) Free-at-point-of-use health care in a true system — like Britain’s National Health Service — so that health care — and mental health care — is always readily available.
      5.) Strong labor protections — and a higher minimum wage — so parents can spend time with their children, not working two jobs at WalMart and 7-11.

      If you want to argue that the little kids on that corner are growing up to be gang bangers, well, that’s because our society is responsible. We ALL need to OWN these acts of violence.

      • Anonymous

        Some misguided adults give teens guns to use in this town, right?? Police know about violent crews dealing drugs and it just goes on unabated. How are we supposed to OWN that?

        • jamesbeaz

          Nobody grows up and dreams of being a drug dealer — these things happen when people are socially and economically excluded for reasons of class, race and gross inequality. If half the people drinking $4 coffees at the Big Bear Cafe — a block away from the shootings — would pay a little more tax for America to have a true social democracy, we wouldn’t have as much violence.

          • Anon

            First off coffee is only $2.50, and secondly paying more taxes isn’t going to change people being violent toward one another. Violence is and has been everywhere. Its ingrained in our culture and we are championing it right now.

          • Anonymous

            yes, you’re right. its someones else’s fault.
            always is.

          • Anonymous

            Glad anon 4:34 cleared up what the price of coffee is before anything else.

      • Gentrifier

        James, I actually believe there’s only two connected roots to this problem – education and birth control. When children stop having children, they can complete their education. When they complete their education, they have the opportunity to gain employable skills so they can design, build and maintain the products and systems that will eventually replace minimum wage workers. Easier said then done, of course.

        Yes, I agree no one aspires for their child to grow up to be a gang banger, but have you ever seen a mother scream “shut the f*** up” to a crying baby in a stroller? Or DC CPS picking up a child because his or her parent is drunk/on some substance and half passed out on the sidewalk? I live a few blocks away on Q and used to lived near Target in Columbia Heights, and I’ve witnessed such parental behavior in both locations. Until unfit people (ie, 16 year olds that need to drop out of school to support their kids while working a minimum wage job) stop having children, kids on the corner will kill each other.

        • brookland_rez


          • truxres

            the way some “parents” cuss out babies and toddlers on the street makes me tear up thinking how they may be treated behind closed doors

      • Anonymous

        The notion that the government can fix these social problems is not born out by the evidence. Most of the violence in the USA is in areas with the largest amount of government assistance. Not saying I’m a republican tea bagger nut job but redistributing money does not solve the broken culture that has grown out of poverty in this country. I will say from first hand experience that the police in this city are not very good at their job and that the criminal element is not socialized to be anything but a petty underclass. That is a recipe for a perpetual cycle of violence.

        • CRT

          Actually, not true. Red states (mostly the deep South) have higher incidents of violence crime than blue states do. Obviously this isn’t a perfect correlation, but I think we can agree Massachusetts has more generous welfare benefits than Alabama along with lower rates of violence.

          • Anonymous

            Actually it’s just more complex. Red states get more federal money for various social welfare programs. And DC is about as liberal as it gets and still has a decently high rate of violence.

      • Anonymous

        my comment was not cruel and malicious. it is about kids being raised to be bangers. i’m not blaming the kids, or even the parents. but you go over there and see whats happening. kids. little kids acting as runners. older kids acting as soldiers. older men just watching the game. year after year.

        its right there on that corner and i think it’s sad.
        how is that cruel and malicious? maybe you’re just upset and need to blame others.

  • Anonymous

    “2.) Child benefit payments — direct (not a tax credit) — so that parents have the resources necessary to ensure their children receive a proper upbringing.”

    What a sad and outrageous demand. Here’s an idea: people don’t have kids until they are “adult” enough to afford to have them. And the parents marry, so that they can combine resources to provide for their child. Has worked for hundreds — thousands? — of years across cultures all around the globe.

    In your model, the federal government is “big daddy” — the provider. He/she who provides, typically has or gains control. And you incentivize an acceleration of the breakdown of LES families.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    • jamesbeaz

      Really? This — direct child benefit payments — is how it works in Northern Europe — where there are MORE unmarried households than the USA — and social indicators are the HIGHEST in the entire world. Everyone gets a benefit, not just the poor — the middle-class and rich get them, too. Unless you spend your days selling lawsuits for health insurance corporations and oil companies on K Street, many middle-class families in DC — with two parents and two incomes — are also in need of extra support raising their children. (I’d also add universal pre-K to the mix.)

      As a European-American dual citizen, the provincialism of some people in this city — supposedly capital city of a great country full of intelligent, highly-educated individuals — never ceases to astound me!

      • Akin

        Yes, let’s compare Northern Europe to the US — because what works for countries of 5, 5 and 9 million people is completely applicable and would work for a much more diverse country of 315 million.

      • Thunder

        You breed them, you feed them. Time for uncle Sam and DC to stop with the handouts.

        • brookland_rez

          Yup. In a society, you tax what you want less of, you subsidise what you want more of. Payments and credits only encourage people to have more kids. We know that. Time to start taking kids away from unfit parents and fine them for having kids when they are not financially/mentally prepared for it.

          • Anonymous

            you are so clueless sometimes.

          • Anonymous

            to be fair, from an economic point of view, taxes (or the lack there of) are how you incentivise behavior change

      • Meg

        I just wanted to point out that you are comparing largely ethnically and culturally homogeneous cultures. From what I understand, those high-minded northern European countries are fighting very hard to keep their cultures homogeneous.

        • textdoc

          They’re actually a lot less homogeneous than you would think — lots of Lebanese immigrants in Sweden, for example.
          There are far-right parties in northern Europe that are distressed with the extent of immigration, but this isn’t like Japan where the culture is currently pretty homogenous.

  • bloomingdaledc

    And what boggles the mind is that a house no more than 300 feet from that corner is now being sold for something close to $1 million (offered at $1.15). Not to mention a sexual assault took place against a male pedestrian right around the corner from there three weeks ago.

  • Anon

    Wow. A lot of assumptions about the situation in this comment thread. Newsflash: we live in a city and violence happens all over any city, regardless of property values, and not necessarily because of “gang bangers”. There is no information in the police report about or teen mothers and fathers, or handouts, or who did this. Why does everyone jump to these conclusions?

    • Anonymous

      This and the noma shooting around the same time should be a wake-up call to people who think the gentrification of this area is a done deal. Far from it. Drugs and violence are still VERY rampant in this part of the city.

      • brookland_rez

        It’s true. If you don’t do drugs, get prostitutes, or associate with that crowd, you’re unlikely to get caught up in something. And if you pay attention to your surroundings, you’re unlikely to get robbed or become a victim of some other street crime. This strategy has worked well for me in the 10 years of living here in some rough areas.

      • Who ever said that Truxton Circle was completely gentrified? People still get shot in Dupont Circle and around Eastern Market, and I think most folks would argue those areas are about as gentrified as it gets in DC.

        • Anonymous

          everytime theres a shooting in Truxton circle, people come out and defend it on here….

    • Anonymous

      i have a lot of experience of that corner to back up my “assumption”.
      go check it out for yourself. its screwed up and people are being shot.

  • anonymous

    “Its not crime, its poverty!” – jamesbeaz

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about $4 lattes, gentrifiers want dollar beers too! Just a lot fewer bullets!

  • Anon

    All political discussions aside, any updates on what actually happened here?


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