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Finally Some Movement at the former Colorado Cleaners space in 16th St. Heights

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2014 at 12:25 pm 10 Comments

14th and Colorado Ave, NW

A reader writes:

“I hear a restaurant is coming to 14th and Colorado at Kennedy Street. We are anxiously awaiting something! There is construction underway at the corner of 14th/Colorado/Kennedy! I’m salivating!!!!”

We’ve been hearing rumors of a restaurant at this space for years now. Remember the Hat Check Shop tease? Looks like something’s actually coming in now. Anyone heard any details?


  • 16th Street Heighter

    I would love this. That area needs a good neighborhood restaurant or coffee shop.

  • Neighbor

    There’s so much potential for this building and for these huge sidewalks. Can’t wait to see what comes in! We are watching it too.

  • jumpingjack

    I still miss Colorado Kitchen. Great brunch.

  • constance

    I have heard rumors that it will be a family friendly cafe/restaurant by day and a bar/restaurant by night. I’m so excited–it will be great to have a meeting place like that in the neighborhood.

  • meerswan

    i just talked to the guy working on the space; it sounds like it will be a restaurant/bar with an upstairs and patio seating. he said the owner, “max,” owns a bunch of restaurants across town, including one called “bistro…” in the U st area (Ulah..? Tabaq…? La Bonne…?). anyone know which of those is owned by a ‘max’? estimated opening to be in September!

    • Tim Fuchs

      I think the most likely suspect is Med Lahlou from Ulah Bistro. He also owns or co-owns Stoney’s, Lupo verde, Tunnicliff’s, and Station 4. Maybe Max is a nickname or the guy was just confused.

  • Neighbor

    I would love to see something like Open City or Coupe (without the 24 hours). Something with good b-fast and coffee as well as lunch/dinner items. Super excited. We live across the street and have been watching the work progress. The old signs are down and in the interior they have exposed the brick walls and columns and laid the subflooring.

  • Morgan

    has anyone heard what kind of restaurant is opening? I live down the street and we’re dyin’ to know!

    • meerswan

      The guy working on the space told me it was “american food,” which i took to mean that it is not of a particular ethnicity. if we could figure out which Bistro on U St. has an owner named Max, that might be the next clue. Of the three, La Bonne seems legitimately french while the other two seem more general.

  • another neighbor

    Cannot wait! Not sure why the other efforts fell through. Fingers crossed that this one finally works out.


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