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Dear PoPville – New Restaurant Coming to 14th and Colorado Ave, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth September 4, 2012 at 2:30 pm 20 Comments

Dear PoPville,

It looks like something is finally happening at the long abandoned former dry cleaners on the corner of 14th and Colorado. I spoke briefly with one of the guys who seemed to be supervising the construction and he informed me that it will be a two story restaurant with a roof deck. It’s great to see that someone is doing something with the space. This side of 16th Street Heights needs this.

Anyone else hear what/who is coming here?

  • Anon

    OMG! Please, please, PLEASE be true! I’ve harbored a long fantasy of opening a coffee shop at that location, but to hear someone might ACTUALLY be putting something here, I can’t contain my excitement!

  • V

    This is VERY exciting! The neighborhood needs this. I think it willbe a grand success.

  • happy 16th st heights neighbor

    Such good news!! That structure with its huge windows is perfect for a cafe or restaurant. Whoever is building this, please hurry up! I can’t wait until we have a restaurant on this strip again to walk to.

    For those who don’t remember, Colorado Kitchen was on this block a few years ago. It was lovely. And is very much missed by everyone in the neighborhood. It’s gone not because of lack of business but because the property owner thought he could make more money if he tore it down and built condos instead. Was a very sad development for the neighborhood. Neighbors, please watch efforts to change business zoning into residential zoning to make sure we don’t end up losing another beloved local business again.

  • Jiggy


  • Nupe N 16th Street Heights

    I am a resident living in 16th Street Heights and this is good news to hear, if it’s true. I welcome gentrification and economic development to our community. Maybe landlords of some of the apartment buildings will demand law and order on their properties and attract good tenants to the neighborhood. There’s no reason why our neighborhood shouldn’t be nice like other neighborhoods west of the Rock Creek Park.

  • Anonymous

    This is wonderful news (if true). We just moved to this neighborhood and have been missing the old Colorado Kitchen. But we kind of think our house would have been priced higher if CK was still in business :)

  • tim

    I heard the same rumor from a neighbor the other day. The permit just reads “Repairs” and the owners name, so no clues there. But it’s a very cool space… they opened it up inside so the 2nd floor is partially open to the 1st. I live right around the corner and will do my part to make sure they succeed. …wonder what the style/menu will be. This is awesome.

  • Can’t say I miss the Colorado Kitchen at all, but it would me wonderful to have an eatery back at that intersection.

  • danviro

    YES! please be decent and affordable. I have lived within 2 blocks of that place for more than 20 years and have longed for a cafe/bar/restaurant to open there. now maybe we can justify adding a CABI station on that block.

  • Anon

    I’ve heard rumors that the people who own Domku are opening a place there and also rumors it will be Italian in style. I have nothing to substantiate these other than neighborhood gossip but am very excited something is going in and look forward to being a regular.

    • neighbor

      please not DOMKU. not good food, too pricey and the owner is not a nice person.

      • Anonymous

        +1000 on that one.

      • Barrett

        Really? I love the food at Domku (their eggs aren’t always the best–but the borscht and the mushroom pancakes are incredible). But yes, it can be a bit pricey. I’d definitely support the business if it were like Domku–I just couldn’t be as regular a customer as I’d otherwise like to be.

        • +1. I’m glad Domku exists, but it’s too pricey to go to very often.

  • 16th Street Neighbor

    The triangle at 14th, Kennedy and Colorado has so much potential. It’s great to see that other feel the same way. My neighbors and I are hungry (pun intended) for a restaurant like this.

  • 16thStreetNeighbor

    This is SOOOOO exciting!!! We need this so much….can’t tell you all how sad I was when they opened up that Restaurant Showroom in place of the old jazz club. I know restaurant supply places need homes too but this is so much better!!! :)

    • Barrett

      Yes, me too!! (on the excitement and disappointment) I’d been counting on a restaurant going into the old Twins spot with its corner location and big windows. I got my hopes up when I saw the renovation start…was so disappointed to see a restaurant showroom that doesn’t serve the neighborhood at all. (Sorry business owner, but) what a waste of a great space.

  • neighbor nearby

    I don’t care who opens the restaurant–Oscar the grouch himself can do it. Whoever brings a restaurant there, I’ll support it.


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