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Celebrating Ben – “a sweet old pup iconic to many in the Logan community”

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2014 at 9:25 am 16 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I saw these notes up in Logan Circle today, making me think that Ben, a sweet old pup iconic to many in the Logan community, had passed on to a better place. We used to see Ben and his dad out often, and his dad gave us some sage advice over the past year on how to train our new puppy to be more like Ben – sweet, patient, lovable, and obedient. I know we will miss seeing Ben walking around the neighborhood and wanted to mark the passing of this old friend.”

  • Dana

    So sad! A big hug from me to you Tom!

  • Anonymous

    Well that just made me tear up at my desk…and I’ve never even met Ben. Rest well, sweet friend.

  • moosemom

    i loved seeing ben nearly every morning with his toy in his mouth coming back from his playtime. sweet boy.

  • PCat

    I never met Ben officially, but I, too, always smiled when I saw him in the morning, walking with his master and carrying his toy. It’s nice that folks want to celebrate his life.

  • megmu99

    Oh, my dog and I love Ben. This is very sad indeed. His dad was also very kind when my dog had to have surgery. His advice and empathy were both so lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Ben was such a sweetheart! I always passed him while walking through the neighborhood, and he usually had a toy in his mouth – the dinosaur was my favorite and always made me smile. We’ll miss you, Ben!

  • tgee13

    Ben was such a sweet dog! My dog and I used to see him every morning in Logan Circle with a toy in his mouth. Such an adorable, gentle lab.

  • Jake

    My dog hated Ben. Every time he saw Ben playing with his ball, my dog would lunge, bark and try to eat Ben. In classy style, Ben ignored my dog like a gentleman and went about his playtime. Tom and I always smiled and laughed about my dog’s unrequited aggression towards Ben. Rest in peace Ben and my sympathies to Tom.

  • Amy and Penny

    Oh Tom, I’m heartbroken for you! I still use Ben’s name all the time when I sing to Penny about all her favorite things. Remember the time I tested her on who her favorite dog was, and she picked Ben every time. I was so proud of her. I pray the next chapter in your life is full of love, just like this one. Hope to run into you if we’re ever back in the old hood. All our best, Amy and Penny

  • anonymous

    I never met Ben or his person but I know what it’s like to say good-bye to several beloved animal companions (all cats but don’t hold that against me…I love dogs, too). It hurts a lot so it’s very nice that people are going to gather to give Ben a proper and well-deserved send-off.

  • Olga’s human

    I don’t know Tom or Ben but my heart just jumped into my throat. So sorry for your loss–our furry friends are our best ones.

    • Timmy

      These are my sentiments exactly. Sorry for your loss, Tom.

  • Anonymous

    So sweet and sad. What was it about Ben (besides his propensity to carry around toys) that made him extra-loveable? Was it just that he and Tom were out and about more than other dogs and their owners?

  • LoganDavid

    So sorry to hear this sad news Tom. ((HUGS)) from me and Gauge. I think of Ben every time I hear a squeaky toy :”)

  • Jen & Ellie Roose

    Ben is truly one of a kind. I’m not going to use the past tense, because I think he’s still here with us, just in a different way. I’m tearing up as I write this, so I can’t really say much more. Ellie Roose and I will think of him fondly every time we walk through Logan Circle. Thoughts, prayers and love to Tom.

  • Thank you all for the thoughtful comments. Yesterday was an inspiring day after a beautiful evening celebrating my little Ben and reading all of your responses. I put together a short video celebrating his inspiring and loving spirit if you would like to take a look, http://youtu.be/j8L1gKtvOk4.
    I’m overwhelmed by all the kindness and love right now, truly moved by it all. All of you and our wonderful neighborhood will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you. -TA


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