• ajs5034

    walked by just after it happened – the Jaguar was on the sidewalk facing southbound – so must have spun and collided with the building i imagine. pretty crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, me, too. Anyone actually see what happened?

  • kd21

    No need to blur out the license plate – we all know it’s a Maryland driver.

    • Ha! Nope – it’s a DC driver.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. While some people still enjoy the “joke” about MD drivers, some people around here seem to think it is actually a law of nature or something.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand why people think it’s a joke. It’s a verifiable fact. Maryland drivers are absolutely atrocious. Open your eyes some time. And see Liz’s comment below.

        • Anon

          Aaaaannnndddd….. the law still holds. You can see the comment from Liz below.

        • Rich

          Nah–VA drivers, esp. SUVs are the worst. They’re usually yammering about nothing on cell phones.

      • Anonymous

        I saw another picture from a different angle and the Jaguar had MD plates.

        • The VW has DC plates.

          • I guess for the joke to apply we’ll have to find out which car was at fault!

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s safe to assume that the driver had recently moved into the District from Maryland. Or perhaps the Maryland driver was borrowing a friend’s car :)

        • Annoymous


  • Neighbor

    Is this really Logan? It seems pretty close to the U Street corridor, but maybe U Street is part of Logan

    • Technically the Logan Circle Community Association’s northern boundary is S street, so by their standard, no, this isn’t Logan. I’d guess, though, that most people who live in the neighborhood would consider it Logan more than anything else. It’s a lot easier than saying “14th Street Corridor.” And no one wants to say “Mid City.”

      • Annoymous

        This is really the edge of “Cardozo/Shaw”.

        • I’m a District native and have lived less than 2 blocks from here for over 12 years. I don’t know anyone who’d call it “Cardozo/Shaw.” First, no one would use that name (outside of a Metro station name) and second, it’s too far south for the former and too far west for the latter.

          • anon

            I live around the corner on T Street. I tell people I live on T Street.

  • Liz

    I was coming north on 14th in the bike lane — fortunately half a block south — when it happened.

    The Jaguar was at fault. (Maryland plates, in case that settles that…)

    The details (from what I saw and from talking with the van driver who was originally clipped by the Jag driver):

    1. A Jaguar from Maryland was apparently travelling south on 14th Street in the far right lane. Right at Trader Joe’s (so, just north of T), the driver apparently moved quickly into the left lane, and clipped a large white van that was travelling south in that lane.

    2. As best as anyone can figure, the Jaguar driver freaked out, hit the accelerator, crossed the two northbound lanes and the northbound bicycle lane (miracle — no car or bicycle traffic).

    3. The Jaguar then hit two parked cars on the northbound side of 14th, sending one of them (a pretty large VW Passat or similar) ONTO THE SIDEWALK.

    4. Again, as best as anyone can figure, the Jaguar must have gone somewhat airborne (there didn’t seem to be enough space between the now-pushed-out-of-the-way VW and the other parked car for the Jaguar to actually drive through), landed ON THE SIDEWALK, just in front of one of the new residential buildings, sideswiped the building at the Georgetown Optical store there, then careened back, still on the sidewalk toward the road. It was stopped by a large tree in the sidewalk.

    It was an absolute miracle that nobody was killed. (Nobody would have been “hurt” — the car was travelling so fast and so powerfully that it was one of those things where it would have been all black and white — no gray.) There were apparently people coming out of the residential building as it happened, but fortunately weren’t far enough into the sidewalk to have been hit.

    I can only hope that they take away the driver’s license for 10 years. “Failure to control vehicle” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe what this guy did.

    • ash

      Even with this very detailed description, I still don’t understand how this happened. Wowzers is all that I can say. So glad that nobody got hurt, but WOWZERS!

    • Anonymous

      That’s absolutely bonkers. Take away this idiot’s license.
      Was it an elderly driver? Unfortunately, elderly drivers have all sorts of depth perception and physical reaction problems (punching the accelerator instead of the brake is quite common). It also could have been a medical emergency. Regardless, this person should be off the road.

      • Liz

        As far as I could tell, it was a young, “hip” guy. No medical emergency. The driver didn’t seem to need medical attention — nobody was being loaded into an ambulance on a gurney or anything. (That said, I walked away from the crash to the other side of the street after it happened, so they could have taken the guy out of the car out of my sight.)

        Something like this happens because of (i) excessive speed, (ii) distracted driving, and (iii) an incredibly selfish, “me-first” attitude. No other reason, in my view.

        By the way, let’s stop calling these “accidents”. This was entirely avoidable, thereby not deserving of the designation. It was a crash.

  • Jon

    One cyclist runs a red light and everyone screams for justice, but a car is going so fast it ends up backwards on a crowded sidewalk, and all we have are Maryland driver jokes and nitpicking about which neighborhood it happend in?

    • Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right – this has nothing to do with bicycles whatsoever. No clue why anyone would even bring that up in this context.

      • Jon


        Though the Jaguar did go through a heavily used bike lane that was luckily unoccupied at the time.

      • Anonymous

        This person brought up bikes – a comparison of the reaction to the events.

        Someone blows a red light on a bike (primarily risking their own life and the paint job on someone else’s car), and the response is somewhere between an uproar, with people physically threatening bicyclists (even those of us who do obey laws) and demands for more enforcement targeted at bicyclists.

        In contrast, someone put quite a few other peoples lives at risk, and the response is “haha, MD drivers”, guess there’s not much we can do about it.

    • Thor

      was the cyclist wearing a helmet?

    • Anon

      F sakes. C’mon.

  • JinDC

    glad to see no pedestrians were hurt. I live in Logan and at certain times, i take my life in to my hands as a pedestrian. Crossing the circle is INSANE – people blow through lights, text while driving, and the lights for pedestrian crossing aren’t long enough. I was home on maternity leave and crossed the circle at least twice a day and I would say over my months doing this, 80% of the time a car blew through the light. While I had the stroller. between me not being a petite woman AND having a stroller, you’d think I’d be visible. nevermind the traffic lights.

    • Logan_Circle

      After they re-paved a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I nearly got taken out by a priest (really) who had ear buds in and blew through a light that had been red for at least three seconds. I don’t know why they don’t put red light and speed cameras at every single point in the circle. They would make a ton of money and things would be a lot safer.

      • David T.

        Hear, hear! First, I don’t understand why it’s taken them so long to stripe the circle after paving. It’s been sitting with tiny, infrequent temporary lines for over 2 weeks. Second, even with all of the markings, red light cameras would do wonders to make the circle safer for pedestrians. Vehicles should not be doing 40 around the circle like it’s a racetrack and perhaps the threat of a ticket for running red lights would slow drivers down.

        • anon

          As a driver, I agree with you re: why it’s taking so long to put lines in. It’s dangerous for drivers too, because a lot of confused drivers cross over lanes, squeeze in for last minute lane changes, etc. It’s a nightmare.

      • brookland_rez

        You’re absolutely right. I take RI Ave east bound through Logan everyday. When the light turns green for me at the circle, I have to always check to make sure someone in the circle is not running the light. All the red light running I’ve seen involves traffic in the circle not stopping. I’ve also seen this at Thomas and Scott circles.

    • Crossing 16th St in that area is so much worse. So many drivers refuse to even acknowledge the pedestrian right of way markers for crosswalks.

      • annonny

        I’ve seen raised crosswalks (essentially extra-wide speed humps) in some cities, which is a pretty effective way to slow down traffic. Anybody know if these have been considered for DC? Seems raised crosswalks would be be more effective than DC’s neon yellow signs announcing pedestrian right-of-way. Those signs are constantly being run over by drivers blazing through crosswalks. :P

        • AtlasCesar

          I would fully support. I used to cross 14th and 16th via the unsignalized crossings at Corcoran when running, but it is a death wish. Ideally, I’d like to see ALL of these crossing raised in DC. I wonder if the PAC can work on that?

          • Yep, same thing. The great thing about running on Corcoran was that basically the whole street is pedestrian right away. The bad thing was that many cars failed to care.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, please!! I live on Logan and walk to work each day, and pretty much every single day I see several cars blatantly run red lights around Logan Circle. I would love to see a raised cross walk on the west side of the circle at the light with the red/green arrow for turning west on P St. Between the Red Arrow Runners, the Rhode Island Speeders, and the Last Minute Lane Changers deciding between Rhode Island and staying on the circle to turn on 13th, it is an extremely dangerous situation. The area just north of the 5th and L Safeway has raised road humps near stop signs (I’m thinking around 5th St. between New York Ave. and P St.) – how do we get those over in Logan??

        • djdc

          There are some around Lincoln Park, I believe.

          • saf

            And on Tilden Street by Peirce Mill.

    • Rich

      I live right off the Circle and it’s less of an annoyance than 16th or the non-stopping bikes on 15th.

  • anon

    As a pedestrian, who’s been hit on the sidewalk by a car in a somewhat similar situation, I can say you’d be surprised how fast a car can go and do relatively minor damage to the body. I think whether you’re moving, as I was, or not plays a big part. The person went to jail in my case, so I’ll hope for that here.

    • Even being struck at 25 MPH, the city speed limit unless otherwise posted, is enough to cause great bodily harm.

    • Anonymous

      god, i’m sorry. how horrible. was this in dc?

      • anon

        Baltimore…Definitely a Md driver.

        Essentially I meant the human body can take a punch. Maybe my experience was 1 in a million, and at that speed (guessing 30-40 maybe more) I should have had a slew of major injuries. Always glad when no one is hurt when someone is being reckless.

  • Kathryn-DC

    Seems like I always miss the drama and find out about it on PoP! Hope everyone is okay.

  • Neal – Som Records

    I love the new Trader Joe’s but do worry about their garage entrance and the new crosswalk there as being something that will cause some trouble in the future. It’s just at an off spot on 14th and will catch folks by surprise.

  • 4teenth street



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