• Anonymous

    And DC will need approximately 3 million in speed camera revenue and at least 2 years to fix it. Justification for toll roads, because your income tax isn’t enough to fix the roads… They barely cover trash collection.

  • annonny

    Uh, is this going to be like the one at 14th Street that was large enough to swallow up rush hour? Commuter freak-out in 3, 2, 1…….

  • Anonymous

    This is either near or right over Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro. I wonder if it goes all the way into the Metro system?

    • Anonymous

      It has to be over the red line. The sinkhole is probably there because of flaws in Metro contruction.

  • Pcat

    Can someone explain why there has been such an increase in sink holes across the country this year?

    • Obama

    • Anonymous


    • annonny

      CHUDs. And the rat burrows in DC getting bigger.

      • ROUSes? I don’t think they exist.

  • ET

    I would avoid that street because i am going to assume that hole is a bit wider than it seems.

  • ShawGuy

    OMG RUUUUUUNNNN!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!! It’s a sign of the apocalypse!!!

    Or, actually, it’s something they’ll probably just smack one of those big metal plates over and forget about. From the sounds of this thing on the news, you’d have thought it was about to eat the whole Verizon Center. This looks a tad more demure than reports indicated!


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