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Another Assault Reported on the Metropolitan Branch Trail Monday

by Prince Of Petworth June 18, 2014 at 10:10 am 12 Comments


A reader writes:

“I know you posted about the first attack, but another woman was attacked the same day!”

The report from WTOP:

“Chanel Marshall, 30, tells WTOP that she was walking from work to the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station about 5 p.m. when she was attacked from behind by a man who had followed her along the trail.”

Ed. Note: We’ve previously discussed safety issues and concerns on the MBT here.

  • Anonymous

    no one, male or female should travel on that trail alone. take a buddy!

    • That Man A

      that is what it seems like at this point
      i mean people have been attacked on foot and bicycle
      something has to be done though
      this cant remain a hot bed for attacks

    • kken

      I’m a big guy and I’m worried on the MBT. I still have to take it when I choose to bike from work. I keep my u-lock tucked into my belt just in case for self defense.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, this surprises me that this would happen at 5pm. I walked by here at 6pm last night and could easily see 10 other people in front of and behind me. Pretty brazen for someone to attempt to do something like this during rush hour.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the police presence here? This has been a persistent issue for a while and I’ve yet to see a uniformed officer anywhere near this trail when I’m riding.

    • anon

      There isn’t any.

    • Anonymous

      Saw my first ones ever yesterday. Reactive?

      • Anonymous

        Security theater.

    • Rukasu

      I frequently see bike cops in tandem on the trail. Saw them bike past then return to talk to some kids loitering near the RI Ave turnoff…What more can you really expect besides someone riding it all day?

  • C

    Both my husband and I bike the MBT daily- he’s out there as late as 1030p (and has never had an issue)- my trips are clustered more around normal commuting times. We both feel comfortable on there, as well as riding with our kid in a trailer or bike seat, but I’m always scanning ahead looking for groups of people, or things that look out of place. Last summer a group of middle school age kids jumped out at me near S street, seeming more interested in getting a rise out of me than anything else. Each time I’ve seen something/someone sketchy on the trail, I call 911. Regarding police on the trail- I see the MPD on bikes and the Trail Rangers out there fairly frequently, and it isn’t unusual to see a cruiser parked near some of the entrance/exit points, particularly around R and up towards RI Ave. Don’t know if the stats add up to say this is more or less dangerous than biking/walking in other parts of the city, but it is a shame to see attacks happening out there at any time of day.

  • Anonymous

    Do people really think police presence will make this trail safer? I don’t get the impression that the thugs in this town either respect or fear the police.

    • Anonymous

      Police need to crack down on the thugs in this city; they are brazen as shit. Of course, half the force here is part of the problem so nothing will ever be done.


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