Arrest Made in Assault with the Intent to Commit First Degree Sexual Abuse on Metropolitan Bike Trail

by Prince Of Petworth June 17, 2014 at 9:32 am 12 Comments

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect in connection with an Assault with the Intent to Commit First Degree Sexual Abuse in the area of the 1800 block of 4th Street NE, on the Metropolitan Bike Trail.

On Monday, June 16, 2014, between 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm, an adult female was approached by an unknown male in 1800 block of 4th Street NE, on the Metropolitan Bike Trail. The suspect assaulted her with the intent to commit a sexual offense. The suspect fled the scene on a dark colored bicycle.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 18 years of age, approximately 5’5 in height, medium build, medium complexion, with short hair, slight facial hair around his chin, wearing a white tank top and khaki cargo shorts or pants rolled up. The suspect was riding a dark colored bicycle.

UPDATE: The Assault with Intent to Commit First Degree Sexual Abuse that occurred on yesterday in the 1800 block of 4th Street, NE, has been closed with an arrest.

  • AA

    this makes me so sad and angry. This is why we can’t have nice things (like a bike trail). Middle of the day attack on someone trying to commute/enjoy the day. I don’t see a resolution to fixing the overwhelming number of problems on this trail. There have been so many attacks within the last 2 years on this trail, it’s disheartening.

    • FixerFixie


      1, More police presence

      2. security cameras

      3.. WABA trail rangers

      4. More trail use by the lycra clad cyclists when the trail is more complete

      5 Demographic change

  • Leslie

    Glad they arrested someone and very glad the woman got away!

  • Anonymous

    I sympathize with the people who are trying to turn the MBT into a thing. Workout classes, 5Ks, etc. It’s all really high-minded and I appreciate the effort. But it will not change the fact that this trail runs through an area that is really prime for mischief and sketchy as hell. I’m not going on it, even though it’s a direct route from my office to my house. It’s not worth it to me. It’s just another nice thing swallowed up by this city’s predatory trash.

    • anon


    • Anonymous

      The new pedestrian bridge to the Metro should actually make a big difference, the trail will get a LOT more use, at least on the northern end. It’s those dead end half blocks of off S and T that provide the perfect cover for people to lay in wait and have a number of ways to get away. Eventually those industrial blocks will turn residential. For now there re no easy answers short of constant police presence. The trail rangers probably have a positive impact, too.

      • anono

        as an interim measure, would it help to reduce the # of access points? basically fence off the trail except for fewer better-monitored entrances?

        • JoeyDC

          No, it really wouldn’t.

          • anono


    • Eponymous

      As someone who uses the trail regularly and closely monitors reported incidents, I think you and the first poster are massively overstating the safety issues. There have been a handful of incidents over the past two years, most of these were not during commuting hours (when it’s quite busy and also quite safe), and it seems like there’s been steady improvement in terms of safety on the trail. I’d say all of those “high-minded” efforts are perhaps having an impact. Is it perfect? No. Could it be improved with better police presence and perhaps some trail-fronting cafes and such? Absolutely. But that’s kind of how progress goes; you have to start somewhere.
      Also, calling the neighborhoods around the trail “sketchy as hell” is a bit dramatic. Worse than Georgetown? Sure. Worse than most parts of the Hill? Not really.

      • Anonymous

        In strong agreement.

        I recently added this trail to avoid climbing the big hill on RI Ave on my bike. Now, I love it! Yeah, I read about all the incidents on MBT. But, I still gave it a try. Maybe everyone should do the same before making a judgement on something you have no personal experience with.

        • Anonymous

          What makes you think we have no experience with it? Perhaps our experiences are exactly what’s keeping us away?


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