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Construction Starts at The Adamo – New Condos Coming to the former Exxon space

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2014 at 4:25 pm 36 Comments

Rendering Courtesy Urban Pace

From a press release:

“In the heart of Adams Morgan, one of the most exciting neighborhoods of Washington, DC, Perseus Realty is developing The Adamo, a 34-unit luxury condominium with contemporary flair. Urban Pace, Washington’s leading condo sales and marketing firm, will begin presales in September.

In 2012, Perseus acquired the site at 1827 Adams Mill Road and began assembling design specialists who could bring the atheistic necessary for such a prominent location. Following demolition of an existing structure on the site, construction began in early April. The project is scheduled to deliver in May, 2015.

The building will include 8,500 square feet of ground-level retail space, which will include at least one new signature restaurant.

Perseus selected PGN Architects to design The Adamo. “PGN specializes in boutique-style projects, and every one of their buildings is distinct,” said Adam M. Peters, Executive Vice President, Perseus Realty. “This site has a trapezoidal floorplate, so special attention was needed to create proper unit layouts. In addition, we wanted each unit to have something special and I think those elements will be apparent when the building delivers.”

Alexandria, VA-based ADG is creating a vibrant interior combining new and different materials with timeless design. Inspired by the eclectic neighborhood, the lobby will feature sleek and modern built-in millwork, vibrant glass artwork by renowned artist Mindy Weisel, and custom light fixtures. The Adamo’s rooftop will have a grilling station and outdoor seating areas.

Unit finishes will include German-made hardwood floors, modern custom kitchen cabinetry from a Canadian millwork shop, quartz countertops, white and green glass backsplashes, and stainless steel appliances by Bosch and KitchenAid. Bathrooms will combine travertine-like porcelain tiles and textured linen tiles. Bathroom vanity cabinetry is designed to “float” on the wall.

The Adamo’s one and two-bedroom residences will be priced from the $400,000’s. There will be 27 underground parking spaces that can be leased by buyers or other neighborhood residents along with bike parking and storage units. Perseus named the development in memory of Mark Adamo, who served as the company’s Senior Vice President of Development.”

Calvert and Adams Mills Rd, NW

Side note: the restored mural is looking great again:


  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting. It’s like a ticky-tacky version of every other ‘new’ or ‘up and coming’ neighborhood that is being built around this city. I think its sad that Adams Morgan’s gritty charm, the charm that has existed for decades and has made our neighborhood what it is today, is now being overtaken. Whoever approved this doesn’t have AdMo’s interests at heart and whoever designed this certainly lacks creativity.

    • Anonymous

      I think the charm left long before this project. It was a great drunk fest in my 20s though…but now its a bit too stabby, fighty and biker gangy to really call it fun or charming. Im always surprised that people over 30 still move there quite frankly.

      • carlosthedwarf

        I’d much rather live here than, say, Hill East, or even Bloomingdale. But it amazes me that people will pay as much to live in Adams Morgan as they would to live in Shaw or Columbia Heights–those neighborhoods are nicer and just as well located.

        • Anonymous

          Almost-30 here who would take Admo over Columbia Heights any day! It’s safer, it’s prettier, it’s greener, super easy access to Rock Creek and Meridian Hill, significantly closer to Dupont/Farragut (where I work), and it’s got a much more low-key, tranquil vibe. The nightlife is terrible, but easy to avoid if you don’t live right on the strip. For someone who doesn’t go out much, it’s a great neighborhood–lots of sidewalk cafes for daytime eats, decent array of takeout places close, a few good high-end spots, and super convenient to everywhere else downtown. Plus it seems to be attracting a more mature crowd these days, so the vibe is much more mellow and the neighbors are responsible. And it’s got not one, but three grocery stores!

          • 35 year old

            +1, although I would say the night life is getting better. Black Squirrel is a great place to get a beer, even on Friday and Saturday night. Smoke and Barrel isn’t so bad either.

          • Anonymous

            +1, I agree with everything you just said.

        • Anonymous

          Columbia Heights is nicer? Ha ha ha ha. Shaw? It’s a big neighborhood. A big chunk of it is nicer than Adams Morgan, but not all of it. Its best areas are pricer than Adams Morgan (such as Logan Circle). More centrally located, that’s certainly true.

          -Columbia Heights resident who frequently is in Adams Morgan.

        • Anonymous

          Just over 30 here who took Hill East after living in Admo for years and couldn’t be happier. Funny how we all have preferences, right?

          • Anonymous

            There’s nothing funny about this mister.

        • SF

          No way would I trade my home in Hill East for one in Adams Morgan.

      • spartanindc

        Apparently you’ve never been to Adams Morgan at any other time than late Friday or Saturday night.
        Believe me, there’s plenty of reasons to come to the neighborhood, even if you’re over 30.

      • dno

        Time to update your neighborhood knowledge. Adams Morgan has mellowed out considerably over the past four years or so. I think U Street and H Street now bear the brunt of the Virginia frat boy and Maryland brawler crowds. Still, not great on a weekend night after 12 but with all the amenities Anon 6:05 mentioned I’d put it up against any neighborhood in this city during the week.

      • Anonymous

        biker gangy? when you were in your 20s? you are showing your age…

    • carlosthedwarf

      Can you point to a new building in DC that looks more like what you want? Or would you rather this site have remained a gas station?

      • textdoc

        I’ve been surprised and impressed by how the new building on the corner of Georgia and Kenyon (I think) is turning out. I think PoP might’ve posted something about it a while back.
        As for the Adamo design, it could be worse (like that horrible multicolored Suzanne Reatig building in Shaw), but I agree with others that it’s disappointing and made no effort to fit in with or acknowledge the surrounding architecture.

    • dno

      It’s a by right development so thankfully there was no need for the approval of city officials nor sentimental NIMBY’s.

  • ET

    Every time I see this I want to say AdMo.

  • recon::decon

    Will someone please, please pen the parody song “Remember the Adamo”?

    • Anonymous

      Had I not read that it was named for someone, I kept thinking , “Why not the Ponderosa?”

  • Anonymous

    The Admiral Adam[a]

  • nevermindtheend

    “In 2012, Perseus acquired the site at 1827 Adams Mill Road and began assembling design specialists who could bring the atheistic necessary for such a prominent location.”

    Maybe they should now start assembling a team who doesn’t rely so heavily on autocorrect.

    • whovous

      In this case, at least, it appears that God most certainly isn’t in the design.

  • Rich

    boutique = tiny, expensive units

  • Michael

    Ugh. That design does look abhorrently out of place next to the classic early 20th century architecture that I love living in this part of the city for. Also, I’d be interested to know the process of how they made land that a gas station sat on for decades safe to build on.

    • anon

      I’m part of the ANC that voted for this design. I am sorry to inform you that we are no longer in the early 20th century. But look on the bright side- at least we can talk to each other on this thing called the internet!!

      • Michael

        I’m sorry you all apparently had no sense of pride in your neighborhood’s historical character. Even the huge new place The Woodley next to the Marriott Wardman park is kind of in line with the character of the neighborhood.

        • Anonymous

          Sense of pride in neighborhood’s historical character != slavish obedience to a single architectural style

        • Anonymous

          Michael, I couldn’t agree more.

      • Anonymous

        Check out the National Trust for Historic Preservation – there are people who spend their lives trying to save buildings and neighborhoods, like those from the 20th century, because those elements are the footprint of America. Preserving our past informs our future. I”m not saying there isn’t a place for crap development projects – AdMo just isn’t one of the places. I’d like to join the ANC to help prevent any future eyes sores from popping up. Have any info?

        • anon

          should have saved those historic pumps at the gas station.

        • Accountering

          You would have to be voted into the ANC to join. Your platform will very likely not win you an election, as the majority of your neighbors disagree with you.

  • anon

    I wish I could afford something there…it looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Shhhhh don’t ruin the surprise!! They will probably only do open houses on Tuesdays.

  • Anonymous

    if you are purchasing a condo here, how do you ensure that the developer properly handled the environmental issues associated with a former gas station site? just wondering…

    • Anonymous

      You kind of just have to take their word for it / pull their permits from DC.

  • MJ

    No Battlestar Gallactica jokes? This comment thread has disappointed me.


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