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Frustrating Traffic Situation at 19th and M St NW – Accident Waiting to Happen

by Prince Of Petworth May 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm 71 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

The past few weeks I’ve gotten more and more frustrated with drivers in the left turn lane intersection of M street at 19th westbound. You see, a few months ago DDOT installed a left hand turn signal in addition to the normal light in place for motorists going continuing straight on M st.

The light cycle includes a point in which the left hand turn signal is red, but the other stoplight is green. This should indicate that motorists are unable to turn left, correct?

Apparently, wrong.
Every light cycle, I see cars, trucks, taxis, and all other methods of transport blatantly disregard this signal. I’ve seen tour buses almost run people over, cabs cutting off other cars, and even an MPD cruiser breeze through this intersection with blatant disregard.

Considering this is a heavily trafficked intersection, this lack of enforcement of traffic lights creates a particularly dangerous situation.

I’ve tried to contact DC’s “Traffic Safety and Special Enforcement Branch” with no success and no response. Even a sign saying “No left turn on red” would make somewhat of a difference, I would hope. Do your readers having any suggestions for getting MPD or DDOT to either install traffic cams or have officers issuing tickets?”



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