Washington, DC

NBC Washington reported:

“A 24 percent middle class income tax cut for those earning $40,000-to-$60,000 per year. To help fund the tax breaks, an $800 million, multi-year streetcar budget was cut back to $400 million with no immediate impact on construction.”

And a reader specifically asks – “Yoga Tax Is Back?”

Just wondering what your readers think about the tax on health clubs. Specifically, this quote from the article from the Washington Post:

“The following would be newly subject to the city’s 5.75 percent sales tax under the draft budget legislation:

Health clubs: the services of a health club or a tanning studio … mean[ing] a fitness club, fitness center, or gym the purpose of which is physical exercise, including fitness and recreational sports facilities featuring exercise and other active physical fitness conditioning or recreational sports activities, including swimming, skating, or racquet sports, except not health resorts and spas where recreational facilities are combined with sleeping accommodations … [or] a business the purpose of which is to provide individuals a manmade tan, including sun tanning salons and spray tanning salons”.

Why is DC punishing people for trying to be healthy?

Do you guys support this proposed budget approved by the Council? What if anything do you think can/will be changed before the final Council vote June 11th?

Council Members contact information after the jump.

Chairman Phil Mendelson:
(202) 724-8032
[email protected]

Jack Evans:
(202) 724-8058
[email protected]

David Cantania
(202) 724-7772
[email protected]

Kenyan McDuffie:
(202) 724-8028
[email protected]

Anita Bonds:
(202) 724-8064
[email protected]

Jim Graham:
(202) 724-8181
[email protected]

Mary Cheh:
(202) 724-8062
[email protected]

Muriel Bowser:
[email protected]
(202) 724-8052

David Grosso:
(202) 724-8105
[email protected]

Tommy Wells:
(202) 724-8072
[email protected]

Yvette Alexander:
(202) 724-8068
[email protected]

Marion Barry:
(202) 724-8045
[email protected]

Vincent Orange
(202) 724-8174
[email protected]


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