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Compass Coffee Coming to Shaw this Summer next door to Ivy and Coney

by Prince Of Petworth — May 6, 2014 at 10:43 pm 31 Comments

1535 7th Street, NW

Compass Coffee’s facebook page says:

“Compass Coffee – Real good coffee coming to Washington, DC. Summer 2014.

We are a new cafe and roastery dedicated to making real good coffee. We import our beans from all over the world and roast them on site in our cafe to ensure we produce the best tasting coffee in the city.”

With La Colombe in Blagden Alley, The Coffee Bar at 12th and S St, NW and Wydown coming to 14th Street – Shaw is becoming a seriously solid coffee spot.

They’ll be right next door to Ivy and Coney:


Still have a bit to go – but nice progress from a former laundromat:


  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Next up with all these great indep coffee shops – can someone bring this concept to DC please?

  • Anonymous

    Their website says they are going to be roasting on site too… bonus!

  • Anonymous

    its amazing how many coffee places can survive in one city, i guess this show a lot about dc

  • recon::decon

    from a previous discussion: “I love bread as much or more that the next person. But trust me, if all of a sudden there is a bakery on every corner all that means is that in one year there’ll be a lot of bank auctions for ovens and mixers.” So… I suppose we can expect bank auctions for espresso machines too!

  • ACG

    Excited! It’s a real shame they are dropping the ceilings though in that space. Why not expose and just spray paint he mechanicals black or white.

    • alpinepaq

      +1 – drop ceilings are a travesty in the majority of applications, but especially in a narrow place like this.

  • Anonymous

    I am just thinking im not going to walk all the way to shaw (live in lower CoHi) for a cup of coffee, all the ‘botique’ coffee places are a bit pretentious. If not them, the clientel. I prefer to brew my own cup instead of paying $3 for a cup of free trade coffee. Coffee is coffee at some point…there is no difference.

    • Anonymous

      but there are plenty of people in Shaw that will walk over to this place to support them. Don’t need business from CoHi.

    • alpinepaq

      Thanks for the data point?

    • Anonymous

      well, they should just close down now.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no, but they were opening this place just for you! They’ll be so disappointed when I let them know they can stop the build-out.

    • kyle-w

      This makes sense. I dont think many people are going to walk a mile for a cup of coffee. You have coffee closer to you that is very good as well.

      Good news is, the people who live/work near this place (read: intended clientle) will have a place they can easily walk too.

    • Truxton Thomas

      It’s too bad there are no coffee shops in Columbia Heights that you can ignore by brewing at home. Because, as we know, you can brew coffee at home or pay for the convenience of buying it at a coffee shop. No one may live their lives doing both.

    • Rich

      Some places really are good, like Le Colombe which is no more expensive than Starbucks, which sells a better product. Some places like Stumptown (which the new 14th & P gelato place will sell) are drek. Food can be a draw, too. the stuff at Caribou was awful, as was the coffee. I haven’t been to any of the units that have converted to Peet’s but their food items on the West Coast are quite good for a chain.

      Yes some places are pretentious. Perrigrine reeks of attitude and has forgettable coffee. Just don’t patronize them. DC attracts people who confuse a certain kind of position or perhaps a certain kind of education (or university) with knowledge or sophistication they don’t possess. That’s why we have some many overpriced unimpressive places. patronize the worthwhile places and make fun of the others (and the exploitation of ignorance that drives them) rather than whining.

    • katemc

      And another thing, what’s with all of these restaurants opening? I can make food at home. After all, food is food. Why would I walk a mile to get food at a restaurant when there is other food to eat? That restaurant will never make it serving food.

  • mvexplorer

    I think this is a great addition to the neighborhood. We have Kafe Bohem and Big Bear isn’t too far away, but they both turn into restaurants at night, so there is no where to go really past six to meet people for a cup of cofee. The other shops in the area are close, sure, but just far enough that I don’t consider going to them as a “neighborhood” spot.

  • Anonymous

    With the 1,000+ new residential units that have opened (or will open this Summer) within a block or two of this place, I’m not terribly worried about their survival.

  • Anonymous

    Do any of these places have breakfast food options? That is what Shaw is really missing. A bagel place would do really well in this general area.

    • You should check out Uprising Muffin Company that just opened: https://www.popville.com/2014/04/uprising-muffin-company-open-shaw/

      • Anonymous

        Our family loves Uprising. Its a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. Great food and very nice people.

      • Anonymous

        I fully plan on checking it out – it looks great. I hope they have more than the one breakfast sandwich on their menu or maybe it will be so good I will give up on the possibility of variety.

        • Oh Sweet Thing

          I don’t know if they have breakfast sandwiches, actually, but they have savory muffins which are awesome.

        • kbloomingdale

          The bacon, egg, and cheese muffin is simply amazing. I highly recommend it. Mmmmm

    • Oh Sweet Thing

      I “ditto” Uprising, but also, Big Bear and Kafe Bohem both have breakfast food.


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