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  • Anonymous

    two nice additions to our neighborhood, definitely have no place nearby to get a haircut and this is the closest dry cleaner for many people north of florida. Great news!

  • Lauren

    Except for the dry cleaner on Florida between U & California Streets (under Mint), the dry cleaner on U Street between 16th and 15th Streets, and the dry cleaner on V Street between 14th and 13th Streets. And the hair salons Immortal Beloved (1831 14th), Parlour Salon (1522 U), Bang at Vida (1612 U), and Corte (1019 U), just to name a few. Personally, I was hoping for some more tapas!

    • Anonymous

      You forgot the dry cleaner at the corner of 13th and U AND the dry cleaner at the corner of 13th and Florida.

      • Anonymous

        those are both not ideal locations and are very seperate from anything else that is useful (aka you need to make a special trip). For me i can hit the Y, get my dry cleaning and stop by streets market all on the way home. thats efficient.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right, the one at 13th and U right across from the Metro is probably super inconvenient.

  • tj

    Subairi will be a great addition!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to get my hair cut at Subpar! I won’t even care if it ends up being cut uneven, because that’s what I’m paying for!

  • Anon

    Subairi’s an ass. About 13-14 years ago I decided on a whim to get my hair cut. I walked into his salon where Glynn Jones is now on R and 17th. The receptionist told me there was an opening in about an hour, so I went and got a cup of coffee and came back at my appointed time. During my visit Subairi began yelling at the receptionist that they don’t take walk ins and how dare she schedule one. It was loud enough for everyone in the salon to hear. I felt so bad for the woman at the desk. I won’t get my hair done by him or anyone that has the misfortune to work for him because I don’t want Subairi to get any of my money. Especially since there are so many better places in the neighborhood to get your hair done.

  • Anonymous

    Kapnos = most disappointing meal of the year. I do not recommend to anyone.

    • georgy Porgy

      Lies. Kapnos is the ish, deliciousness and superb service. Luckily it is not as overhyped as some restaurants on lower 14th Street (Estadio *cough cough*) which is fine by me, less of a wait and no pretentious customers. Mike Isabella is a very nice guy, I’ve seen him come out and check on all the patrons and take pictures with them.

      • Everyone has different tastes, this is why there’s more than one restaurant in the world. Estadio happens to be my favorite restaurant on 14th Street. The thought of Mike Isabella taking photos with people because he’s nice, rather than just being an attention whore, is quite laughable to me.


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