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Dear PoPville – Check Out the newly renovated ‘The Alden’ in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2014 at 4:00 pm 17 Comments

2620 13th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I noticed a sign was installed in front of the A-B-C building today (now “The Alden”) located on 13th between Euclid and Fairmont streets. I’m assuming no parking.”

The Alden website says:

“Blending state-of-the-art amenities with unparalleled luxury,The Alden marks the pinnacle of sophisticated city living. The statuesque Colonial Revival-styled building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, offering residences a piece of history with modern amenities.

Blocks away from the Columbia Heights and U-Street Metro Stations, The Alden is situated in one of the most coveted new neighborhood in the District.

The Alden is located along the attractive and quiet 13th Street. With blossoming foliage and elegant Victorian and Wardman styled townhouses, this low-traffic street distinguishes itself from the rest of the city and provides a peaceful respite from the urban bustle.

Experience the culture and invigorating new establishments that make Columbia Heights and U-Street the new “IT” neighborhoods in DC. The U Street/Cardozo Metro Station has catalyzed a resurgence of fashionable clubs, restaurants, and boutiques as well as the renovation of historic landmarks such as the Lincoln Theater. The legendary Benʼs Chili Bowl, Bar Nun, The Gibson, and Bohemian Caverns help define the U Street Corridor and give it its pulsating personality.

One, two, three, and four bedroom layouts blend technology such as remotely programmable Nest learning thermostats and advanced video intercoms with the classic luxury of 3” white oak floors, warm cherry cabinetry, and Bosch washers and dryers. Other amenities include building-wide wifi, indoor bicycle storage, and spacious front and back yards landscaped in the classic English style.”

Prices range from $1950 to $3500 a month.

  • springroad intoaction

    Prices range from “jesus christ” to “holy shit!”

  • kallie

    almost $2,000/month for only 450 sq ft and a bedroom that looks like it was made for a child?! go home, alden, you’re drunk.

    • DC

      It is a lot of money, but that is what things cost here now. Now, I am sure there are many who pay less than that, but from the pics this appears to be really nice units esp for rentals. My condo is around that size, and I have been renting it out for nearly $1800 for 2 years. Sound crazy? Maybe. But I had my place listed only 24 hrs before finding a tenant.

  • What was this before? I had assumed it was affordable housing previously. I was sort of excited to see them renovating it, in the hopes it would still be (nicer) affordable housing. Guess I was way wrong.

    • ZetteZelle

      In the 90s, it was “The Warner.” I don’t know whether it was officially low-income housing, or if only people with low incomes wanted to live there. It was a little scary back then (like several other places in Columbia Heights).

    • Anonymous

      Whatever it was, it is now unaffordable housing.

  • alpinepaq

    Wow. 700 sqft 2BR apartments is stretching it, IMHO. Necessarily means that you have a small kitchen, a small shared living/dining, and two small bedrooms. These subdivisions are making DC apartments ever more New Yorky.

    • carlosthedwarf

      I live in a 2-bedroom apartment that’s under 600 sq ft. If you don’t collect tons of crap, and use space judiciously, it’s more than enough space. This is especially true if the apartments are well-designed–the ones in this building seem to have an extremely small living room space, though a nice-sized kitchen.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but you’re a dwarf.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously, 600 square feet to him probably feels enormous.

        • Anonymous

          comment of the day.

  • dno

    Those bedrooms are so small.

  • DF

    We live a couple blocks away. Granted, moved in 4 years ago, but damn those prices are still insane for what you get!

  • tonyr

    If you moved in just for its proximity to Bar Nun you’d soon be feeling pretty silly.

  • Francis

    The developer spent more than 1 year meticulously restoring the exterior (and I assume interior) of this building. If I were a betting person, units will rent–no problem. This place was pretty much section 8 housing and the scene of a tragic 2005 murder of a 9 year old boy playing on the front sidewalk allegedly by drug dealers in response to police “crack down” on the drug dealers. The city offered $125k reward leading to arrest in this murder, but the fine former tenants/neighbors were of no assistance/case is still “unsolved”. It’s sad that this (pricing Units it’s at market rates) is what was needed to clean this place up. Be that as it may, it looks likes developer made this a really nice place to live. Maybe this should be a wake-up call for other section properties (really section 8 tenant groups) to take the lead to ensure their homedon’t become breeding grounds for drug dealer/otherwise they’ll close/flip and become “high-end” properties.. Take note CHV — councilman Graham won’t live forever….time to take ownership/responsibility for your community……

    • Thought

      +1. What a refreshing thought!

  • redraiderdc

    Great piece on this building from just a few years ago:


    It’s always fascinating to me that there are going to be some young, monied people moving in with no inkling that people were living in the same space, squatting, shooting up, etc. – or any knowledge of what this building and neighborhood once was.

    I’d love to know more about that murder though!


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