Washington, DC


Thanks to Eckington Chick for letting us know in this morning’s rant/revel:

“Rave: The DC DMV reversing its stance on the Real ID. We don’t have to get our licenses changed until they expire. Yeah!! See item #6 on their page:

When will the District of Columbia begin issuing REAL ID credentials?

May 1, 2014. However, this date only impacts those residents obtaining a DC license for the first time, renewing their licenses or who need to replace their license due to it being lost, stolen or an address change. Your existing DC DMV credential will remain valid until its expiration date and will be accepted for federal purposes (such as entering federal buildings and boarding airplanes).”

UPDATE: From Council Member at Large David Grosso’s office:

Just got off phone w @dcdmv and now have clarification. tl:dr = no one needs to renew unless DL expires

Those deadlines are for DC DMV to be compliant with REAL ID. They do not affect individuals’ DL/IDs

If my DL expires in 2018, it’s OK b/c feds have already certified DC’s process for complying w REAL ID.”


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