Washington, DC

2622 P Street, NW

A reader asks:

“Do you know anything about the restaurant going in on P and 27th in georgetown??”


Another reader sent a brief description from a craigslist ad:

“We are opening a restaurant in the neighborhood part of Georgetown. The restaurant’s main focus is high quality tea and coffee service with plated desserts and light fares.
We are hiring for servers and cooks.
All applicants need to have or be able to pass Servsafe.
Cooks will need to have a passion for pastry work along with savory applications.”

Their twitter page says:

“After Peacock Room
A new tea house and cafe in Georgetown featuring fine teas, espresso, and small plates of delectable cuisine.”

And here’s a peek in the window from a few weeks ago:


And here’s how it used to look:



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