Washington, DC

Spotted this sign, rather randomly, outside Meridian Hill Park

After a few of this week’s rant/revel threads a reader writes in suggesting a separate thread for Friday:

“What has your dating experience been like in DC- gay or straight?

-What’s your age range? 21 and younger, 22-25, 26-30, 31-34, 35-39, 40+
-Are you looking for a relationship or something more casual? Do you generally find your dates wanting the same thing?
-How do you find your dates? OKCupid, Match, Meetup, friends, work or related events?
-Is it possible to find dating happiness in DC before age 30? Several comments believe that you’re a “dating disaster” until you hit the age of 30, no matter if you’re male or female.
-Any success stories or useful hacks?”

And I’ll add one too – for those who are married – at what age did you get married?


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