• Anonymous

    Wish they had Sunday hours. Wonder why they changed the name?

  • Anonymous

    Hated Thaaja, hated the concept, i am looking forward to try this, I hope it is not just a name change. My colleagues and I are going there tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      what was the concept?

  • reality

    This is in my neighborhood – heard mixed reviews about Thaaja. Will need to give this a try!

  • Anonymous

    I loved Thaaja. Cheap, not super unhealthy, tasty, fast food. I hope the new place is similar.

  • La

    I went yesterday. It’s nothing like Thaaja, which to me is a good thing because that place was horrible. The buffet was really great. The chicken tikka masala was top notch. I’ll be going back for sure.

  • Mint is a complete transformation from Thaaja — new owners, new concept, new food, new menu. The food is delicious!

    • Anonymous

      by concept, do you mean something more than Indian food with buffet?

    • Anon

      new concept and food? One had Indian buffet where employees served you, the other has Indiian buffet where you serve yourself.

  • Jim K

    Thaja was an epic fail for me… So glad to see this relaunch and happy to report it’s very good. A little spicier than some Indian buffets I’ve been to, but that’s ok by me. A nice spread of meat and vegetable curries with rice and naan for $10 can’t be beat in NoMa.

  • Eponymous

    Any word on whether they deliver?

  • Anonymous

    This is a good change. I don’t mind the concept (I like Merzi in Penn Quarter) but found the food terrible and the execution bad.

  • Anonymous

    So much better than the previous joint. It compares to spice 1. Its really good. So happy mint took over. Hope more people give it a chance.


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