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Thaaja Indian Food Bar Giving Away Free Wraps/Bowls this Thursday, March 14th at 12pm

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

1335 2nd Street, NE

The owners write:

“Thaaja launch party is this Thursday March 14th from 12 PM onwards. First 100 wraps/bowls will be free and $3 the rest of the day (limit one per customer).”

Thaaja opened in late Jan. at 1335 2nd Street, NE by the Courtyard Marriott and the NoMa metro.  You can see their menu here.

  • Anonymous

    I really like it. They often run out of something I want (wraps or naan or something), but other than that I love this place.

  • anonymous

    This place is right near my work so I had high hopes that the food would be good. I was really disappointed. I do not even think that a free bowl would make it worth it.

  • I went once and I will probably never go back. They were out of almost everything and what I did end up with had zero taste. Indian food is all about flavor and spice and this stuff literally had no taste to it. I don’t even know how you do that to food.

    • Anonymous

      huh. What sauces did you use? I’ve found them to be very flavorful. I will say that this is fast food though – it’s not another Indian buffet place. Although thank God for that since my boss insists on going to Indian buffet places everytime there is is a work lunch – and let’s be honest, Indian buffet has been done to death.

      • Anonymous

        Man, I wish I worked at a place where Indian buffet has been done to death!

      • I tried both the Vindaloo and the yogurt/dill…NO TASTE. BTW, those were the only sauces that they still had available at around 6:30 in the evening. I also went with the flatbread…once again because it was all that they had and for the protein, chicken…all they had left. To top all of that off, when I finally gave up and decided that maybe salt would help, they didn’t have any available.

        • Anonymous

          I have to admit I chuckled at the part about them running out of salt. I think this is one of those “lunch places” that goes into shutdown mode after 6pm.

        • Anonymous

          no taste ?!?! Ummm, you might be alone on that one. I stop in about 2-3 times a week for dinner and find their food to be super flavorful and fresh. Not once did I see all the food gone either, its pretty well stocked when I get there.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this place. I have had most of the sauces and all of them have had flavor. The vindaloo is actually pretty spicy for me but maybe I am just a wuss!

  • anon

    You have to love an Indian place that has cheddar cheese. lol

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad place food-wise; the big problem is the decor/comfort level inside. All the charm of a 1970s Greyhound station.

  • Local

    Total fail. Went there before close, sign said open, doors said close. If they want people from the neighborhood to frequent them, they should try this when people can go.

    • Anonymous

      I live in NOMA too and this is the ONLY good place thats open till 8PM. If you show up when they close, isnt that your fault?? I sneak in on the way home from work, havent had an issue yet. Personally, I’ve noticed that all of NOMA shuts down at 5 or so, so its nice that they are at least staying open till 8 for us residents. Not sure how its a total fail that they shut down before you came.


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