Please Continue Keeping Your Eyes Peeled for Havoc

by Prince Of Petworth February 13, 2014 at 3:00 pm 5 Comments


“Havoc has been seen consistently in your neighborhood for the past 3 months, and this has been confirmed by K9 tracking dogs. My volunteers and I spend hours a day looking for him, but at this point, the chances are small that there will bet he perfect right time/ right place to see Havoc. This is where I am asking for help.

An IMMEDIATE phone call is so critical to me getting Havoc home. It does not matter if it’s 3:00 am or you are unsure of what you saw – I’d rather get incorrect calls than no calls. Havoc moves quickly, so waiting even 15 minutes makes a huge difference. If you do see Havoc, please follow him until I get there – I can be there in 10 minutes.

Please save my number. Put it in your phone, or take a picture of this flyer with your camera phone so you always have my information on hand. I continue to get sightings, but they come hours or days later because people tell me they do not have my phone number handy.

Thank you for the continued tolerance of all my signs.. I cannot wait for the day when I can remove them.”


  • LM

    My heart breaks every time I see your sign on Mass Ave on my drive home. Havoc is a beautiful dog. I live by AU Park and my eyes are peeled, and surely I’m not the only one. I hope everyone’s hard work pays off and that he’s home with you soon.

  • Anonymous

    Which neighborhood? The link is to an article from November so I’m not sure how accurate the coordinates are.
    I hope he gets home soon.

  • Duponter

    Wow, he’s been missing three months?? If those sightings are accurate, that is a pretty resourceful dog to survive three months on his own. Good luck. I hope you are reunited.

    • Anonymous

      Havoc is probably running his own wolfpack at this point.

  • A friend’s indoor cat got out and lived 3 months outside before being found and returned home – so there is certainly hope!


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