• Anonymous

    Going out to watch the state of the union is still a thing? I’ll be at home watching the Caps game.

    • That MAn A

      yea, didnt know people were going out to watch it

      • Anonymous

        Probably just people without TVs.

        • Anonymous

          Which is a lot of people in DC… I have a TV, though, and usually just listen to it on NPR. Not like there’s much to see.

    • Suos Y. Nona

      Yep. My Mardi Gras celebrations last year were ruined by people watching the SotU. No one was out trying to get plastered. Real shame.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, if I’m gonna watch TV and have people lie to me and insult my intelligence, I want it to be Locker and Joe B. telling me the Caps are in good shape, rather than POTUS telling me that he and Congress are working towards “solutions.”

  • Anonymous

    I’ll watch whatever John Stewart says about it the next day.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. A massively-disappointing president combined with the worst congress EVER, has me seriously jaded when it comes to politics. I think I’d rather watch paint dry than watch the president tell me the country is in better shape than it really is. And I voted for him.

      • Anonymous

        But there’s been a lot less improvement than we were all led to believe.

        • Anonymous

          Jobs reports that have been worse than expected. And the number of people I know who are having a hard time finding work in their fields.

  • Anonymous

    My roommate takes SotU very seriously. He gets excited as if it were Super Bowl Sunday.

  • ClevelandDave

    A group of speechwriters, past, present and aspiring are gathering at The Diner, 2483 18th Street. I understand there will be a SoU bingo game…

    • Anonymous

      Let me be clear; God bless America.

  • wdc

    I’d watch if they instituted a “hold your over-the-top expressions of patriotism until the end” policy. Can’t stand the applause constantly interrupting the flow of the speech. Obama, despite his many, many weaknesses and disappointments, is a skilled orator. As it is, I too will get my SotU from the internet after the fact.

    • Anonymous

      The stand-up-and-clap routine feels very DDR/DPRK.

  • MB

    PoP, you should have left off the “Where” and just found out how many of us are even going to watch it. My answer would have been NO.

  • Nathan

    On another note, can someone send Shepard Fairey a bill to clean up the mess his “work” has turned into in the alley and on the rooftop at this Logan location. It was cute all those years ago, now it’s just a trashy eyesore.


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