Preservation of Meridian Hill Park-Phase V Meeting Tonight

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2014 at 5:00 pm 3 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The National Park Service is planning to undertake Phase V of the preservation of Meridian Hill Park. We are proposing to continue repairs to the exposed aggregate concrete throughout the park, stabilize historic features, and install an American Disability Act (ADA) accessible entrance into the lower level of the park.

Please join us at the following Open House:

January 14, 2014 from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Moshe Zusman Photograph Studio
1401 Florida Avenue, N.W. (corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue, N.W.)”

You can read more about Meridian Hill Park-Phase V here.

  • Anonymous

    For starters, cutting down on the soccer and dog pee, if just for a little while, would do wonders for the grass. And unless it’s somehow been protected by now as an historic aspect of the park, cutting down on the ever-present sex trade happening in the lower men’s room would go a long way toward making the park more family friendly.

    • styglan1dc

      Clearly you don’t go there very often. The #1 reason for the grass problems are the park police vehicles driving across and parking on the grass. At least once a day they are there. That digs big ruts into the grass which then collect water, oversaturate the area and kill off an entire section.
      Oh, also, the construction on the north wall (against the Howard dorms) had some plastic pallets (or something) put down for equipment and vehicle parking on the north half of the main rectangular field. Those were there for most of the summer which also killed off the grass.
      The soccer definitely does play a role but not as much as people thing. Dog pee hardly does as they are all over the place and the grass grows just fine down on the bottom half.

    • Anonymous

      The lower restrooms have been closed for what, two years now? Keep up.


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