• Anonymous

    these pop ups look great…i like how it keeps with the ‘old style’ of the row houses. I wish all the pop ups did that. I love the point triangle at the top and the large rounded bay windows on the second floor of the other one! good job!

    • Agreed, appears to be excellent work going on here.

    • Anonymous

      Probably being done by an owner-occupier who plans on living in it for a long time rather than a flipper.
      This can’t be cheap.

      • dat

        yeah that brick work is $$$

  • JOsh

    Best pop-up I’ve seen yet.

  • WestEgg

    I dunno — it looks nice, but on the other hand I’m not sure why the wall extends up beyond the base of the “cone”. That looks strange to my eye. I do appreciate the effort to mimic the original style. The best pop-ups are the ones you can’t spot.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is either a roof deck will go in there and they’re using the high parapets in lieu of railings, or (more likely) they’re going to add a wood-framed mansard roof.

  • tj

    The second one is just SOUTH of Euclid and seems to have a complete stop with the tyvek paper is almost completely blown off.

  • Anonymous

    It’s helpful that it’s on the corner. Although it looks all done, the proportions still look off. But not nearly as bad as I’ve seen. The one below, look so out of place. Those are the ones that I don’t like.

  • TL

    the developer of the house at 13th and Otis is doing another house on 13th St. NW just south of there. As a neighbor, I can say he seems to be doing a solid job. I believe they will both be condos.

  • Flatsix

    Very impressed by the masonry popup! They’ve even reproduced the details under the eaves. I want to walk over and shake the owner’s hand. Well done.

    Nothing’s going on at the house on Euclid. The housewrap has been flapping in the wind for a couple of months.


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