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New Restaurant, DC Harvest, Coming to 5th and H Street, NE Applies for Liquor License

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2014 at 11:11 pm 11 Comments

517 H Street, NE

DC Harvest’s liquor license application says:

“Modern American restaurant and bar serving locally sourced food based on a seasonal menu with 60 seats and occupancy load of 65.”

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Tuesday 9 am – 12 am, Wednesday & Thursday 9 am – 1 am and
Friday & Saturday 9 am – 2 am.

517 H Street, NE is located right next door to Magic Fingers hair salon and across the street from Yoga District.


  • Sweet! I expect this whole block will be under lease soon, in anticipation of the Whole Foods just across the way and the soon-to-run streetcar nearly finished with testing.

    • grr

      i hope so, justin

    • ash

      Yes this is awesome. Amazing how fast this neighborhood is changing. It was the first hood that I lived in when I moved to DC back in June 2010. NOTHING of any interest was on H between 3rd and 11/12. Now there’s tons of stuff. So much, that my rent got out of control so I had to move to a cheaper, less hip (or was hip back in 2007, now it’s just regular) neighborhood. Oh well, glad to see the old hood coming along.

      • How much did they raise your rent? Was it for some reason not subject to DC rent control laws?

        • ash

          By about 8% each year, which I thought was pretty typical, but the dollar value amounted to about $500 over the course of 3 years, and my salary just wasn’t keeping up.

          I was under the impression that the rent control laws only applied to apartment buildings that were built prior to a certain date. Unfortunately this was a very new (built around 2008) building. But, silver lining, I did end up finding a rent controlled unit in a cool part of town!

          • Wow, that’s steep! But yeah with a building that new it would have been exempt. I didn’t even realize there were buildings that new around that stretch though. Glad to hear it didn’t end poorly for you though.

  • wylie coyote

    The property on the other side of the Magic Fingers sold as well.

    There were talks of putting a “CB2”-like business of the ground floor of the residential building slated to go up there. I assume the hold-up on demolition is lokcing in the ground level retail tenant?

    • grr

      Douglas Jemal owns that building. it’ll probably sit for another 20 years before anything is done with it.

      • Douglas Development is planning a mixed-use residential & retail project for the site, so they need to go through the PUD process to get approval because it doesn’t comply with the existing zoning. They are still hoping to break ground this year, and have already been in front of the ANC a few times with preliminary plans.

        Douglas hold onto some properties for years, and develop others right away, like all owners. Their sites are just more visible because they put a sign on everything, and they own a lot of real estate. For example, they started developing 7th/H NW and the Hecht’s Warehouse on NY NE almost immediately after purchasing them. This site at 5th & H is likely to develop quickly.

        • grr

          thank you

  • h st ll

    Just went to nearby Heaven and H for the first time today. It was affordable and pretty darn good.


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